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A little chronology

1930-Birth of Xavier's mother, Geneviève DDL in Versailles
1931-birth of xavier's father, Hubert DDL in Senlis
1955-they get married and settle in Cannes. Hubert is an aeronautical engineer.In September 1957,The couple had their first child, Véronique. But Geneviève, who has always been fragile and introvert, could not bear the distance from her family wanted to return to Versailles to be closer to her parents. They settled at 50 rue du Maréchal-Foch.
1960The mother of the murderer had created a prayer group called ′′ Philadelphia ′′.
January 20 1960-birth of Xavier DDL
1966-Birth of Christine DDL.
1972-Hubert starts an affair with his secretary, Catherine, and left home around 1972 .
1974-Xavier and Emmanuel Teneur meet for the first time on island Brehat. Emmanuel is 14 and Xavier is 13.
In late 70s both of them will become part of a prayer group Xavier's mother founded.
-Xavier's father, Hubert goes to Ivory Coast with his mistress.
-Xavier is doing small jobs, handling etc. To soon he wants to be a husband and a father, he reconnects with Agnes Hodanger a girl from good family he met in High School.
-Agnes and Xavier get engaged at ages 20 and 21. During the summer of his engagement Xavier meets a german girl, Claudia. Tall, blonde a camping model. He falls in love with her and leaves Agnes. Agnes returns to Versailles alone meanwhile Xavier travels between Hanover and Versaiiles.
Agnes was miserable first the break up with Xavier, later her mother's cancer and death. Agnes focuses on her job as typing secretary and devotes her free time to her father and brothers. To forget about Xavier she focuses on a new man, a waiter working in a bar not far away from her home, she gets pregnant and gives birth to a boy, Arthur in July 1990. The waiter will not accept the kid as his and will leave her.
Meanwhile Xavier goes to the south, first he goes to Aix-en-Provence. He is finally free. He joined Véronique who lives in Draguignan. Emmanuel Teneur is of course with him. He was hired as a commercial by Société des fertilisers Monnot (SEM), where he sold garden equipment for the PACA region. That's where he meets Michel Retif, also commercial. Michel is opposite of Emmanuel. Adventurers, womanizer,outgoing. They become best friends quickly. They both love USA.
1989-Xavier is fired from SEM. He is single and free. Him and Michel are going to the USA. Finally they will go to America 3 times. They apparently visited 48 out of 50 states. First trip is founded by their unemployment benefit. For the following, they invent a combine. When they return to France, they bring back American vehicles, those Cadillac's and Ford Mustang's which always fascinated Xavier, to resell them with a significant margin. Both friends plan to extend the adventure, this time in New Caledonia, where Xavier's other cousin works as a banker for Crédit Agricole. And then one day. Xavier suddenly announces to Michel that he cancels everything. Passing through Versailles, he saw Agnes again. This one is pregnant with a baby boy. Xavier leaves his freedom and plans and decides to go back to France to take care of pregnant Agnes.
They will be married in 1992 (or September 1991). Emmanuel Teneur becomes a godfather of couples first child, Thomas.
1994-Birth of Anne.
1995-The apocalypse that Xavier's mother was prophesying. Christine sleeps with every single male member of the prayer group. After the apocalypse doesn't happen. Xavier's older sister leaves France.
July 4th 1995-ex member of prayer group sends documents about prayer group to a lawyer of Montpellier.
1997-Birth of Benoit.
-Agnès having lost both parents inherits 3,000,000 Francs, ie 400,000 € (cash, securities, real estates)
-Family vacations in the USA.
-Start of the Commercial Route.
-Rent of a pretty villa with swimming pool in Pornic.
-The family moved to the USA. ( children enrolled in school, Nov 2002 Aug 2003 the family lives at the Little Inn by the Sea Motel, LAUDERDALE usa)
Family moves to Nantes.
Beginning of financial problems. Agnes' inheritance is slowly finishing.
Agnes is gaining lots of weight. She also starts a romance with Michel. She complains on online forums about her marriage etc.
Ending of the year is a spiral of failures for Xavier.
Agnes and Xavier seperate in July one of the reason was Agnes refusing to give Xavier the rest of her money. Also Xavier punches(?) Arthur . Agnes fills a complain to the police. She loses 20 kilograms (around 44 pounds)
March 2005- Massage between Emmanuel and Xavier ''captain and his sailboat returned to the boat''(after the investigation Emmanuel says that Xavier was the one who knew where his will is)
October 2005-Xavier comes back home to the family.
December 2005- Agnes still has an affair with Xavier's friend. Xavier writes an open letter to the family, that makes him look innocent, he didn't cheat, he wasn't violent etc. Xavier also writes resentment to Michel.
January-Xavier puts Agnes under pressure and she confesses to having an affair. She said that this thing was only virtual.
Xavier starts trio with Michel. He also starts humiliating Agnes even more because she decided to go back to traditional church.
22 Feb. 2006-Agnes' e-mail to Claudia “you are the only girl Xav really loved a long time after me".
March 17 xddl “hello pigs” to Agnès and MR… how to measure penis. ((His is obviously competent!))
DEC 25, 2006 XAV writes about his loss of faith. While Agnes reconnects with the traditional Church. Big disagreement.
Xav lists the faults of Agnes ("totally impatient and intolerant of everyone" "Arthur Anne and him in particular").
MARCH 15, 2007 XAV writes to Agnès: "I would spend my days cursing you () and suspecting you"
APRIL 24, 2007 Agnès believes XAV is still under the thumb of his mother, he reassures her.
Agnès worried about the hold of CDDL and GDDL on Xav talks about it to her prayer group in Nantes.
August 2007- Xavier basically robs Emmanuel of 6000 euros and his family jewelry.
To his ex-mistress he had said: "if you give me 1,000,000 I will leave everything"
Agnes is obese and depressed. Her therapist tells her to divorce her husband.
Xavier writes to Vero about how he lost his faith. He fills files / his reflections, exegesis etc. ((His mother Geneviève has a whole cupboard full of Files with articles etc. on ALL kinds of SUBJECTS)).
Agnes working part-time: 500 Euros per month AGNES Ericksonian therapy, homeopathy, osteopath "visionary of the brain" ... she joins several prayer groups
February 2009, xddl finds Catherine V
APRIL 21, meeting CV, relationship begins, romantic weekend, Relais et Chateaux, xav pays.
from MAY xav talks about his company, to convince her / his CRYSTAL project, CV accountants say: not viable
CV nevertheless yields 50,000 EUROS on JUNE 3, 2009, cashed on June 9.
- July, CV presents Xavier to her friends / birthdays. Dinner with her brother.
50,000 cashed on JUNE 9, June 12 golf cabriolet gift to AGNES, and tour of the grand dukes ALONE in cities with casinos, Deauville, La Baule, Dinard (August), xddl writes checks to all creditors. At the end of 2009, nothing remains of the 50,000. He must repay the 50,000 on July 3, 2010. In June he tries to soften it "drop of water for you". End of summer CV confides in friends. OCTOBER XAV ACKNOWLEDGES HAVING NOTHING INVESTED, he just used money to repay his debts. And paid for the hotel when they were together! With the mistress's money! CV cuts her contact with him.
Philadelphia reveals the miracle of Saint Christ. CDDL: “Jesus wants us to ACT, Jesus' next offensive will be through the internet!” -> Xav writes on CC* every night ...
-Dec 27, 2009 computer distribution of the "Libretto of St Christ."
Xavier is banned on CC. He creates another account.
2nd report against the sect, reveals that the group is still active, renewed activity for years, Bertram took over from his father as chief financial officer, pays the gddl bills. XDDL then approaches the group, also registered on CC, still interested in THEOLOGY, consults Bertram by email. AGNES worried / grip of gddl on xddl, FEAR.
January 2010 last meeting XDDL CV. She talks about a lawyer ...
Letter to his mistress Catherine. While he has to repay Catherine's loan: 50,000, suicide blackmail letter: his "current life" will end in a few months if he does not find 25,000 immediately.
04/29/2010-Xddl connects to Cité Catholique to discuss the need for sacrifices, and revives the conversation for a month.
Xddl to CV, talks about "burning the family", to the lawyer: "bankruptcy, insolvent, homeless soon"
-05/07/2010-Visit of a bailiff mandated by the mistress of Xddl (Catherine), with a view to foreclosure on her income. He was due to repay on July 3.
Family vacations near Montpellier at MR (except Arthur).
end of August / September: (Letter from Xddl to Michel and Emmanuel evoking individual or “collective” suicide already mentioned in the letter to his mistress of January 14, 2010.And instructions for afterwards (Dispositions.doc). Letter titled: "Ligonnès family issues and perspectives (absence of ...)"
September 17th-Anne takes letter from bailiff she's still in her pj's.
NOV 10 2010 conversation on FB Anne + Agnès // death "the most perfect form of existence" according to Agnès.
(Agnès on antidepressants and anxiolytics for several months at the time of her death, but no suicidal tendency, projects, commitments, ex. full-time job from Sept 2011)
At the start of 2011, a big contract ... did not happen.
Death of the Count of Hubert Dupont de Ligonnès. (Heart attack. Xav withdraws up to 6,700 euros from his father's accounts ). End of January Father's rifle found, reconstituted, revised and repaired by the director of TIR. XAV DRINKS A LOT!
Xddl applies for a shooting license
Xavier takes his family for farewell visits to the family.
February 25 a friend commits suicide at 53 / debt / professional failure, 5 children, Xav very shocked.
1 month before murders, husband of a friend of vddl who committed suicide, Baron, Versailles, 53 years old, 5 children, debts / model family in vddl's eyes. Xddl: "it's abominable, monster, to leave children and wife ALIVE, with nothing to live on", 3 years later the wife also dies at 53 years old.
- Xav and Benoit at funeral mass in La Rochelle, 1 witness will go on June 4 and 21 to testify to the police // child trembling in all his limbs, crying a lot, Xav shows him stained glass resurrection, crying which redoubles, the witness wants give water to B. refusal of Xav!
Purchase of silencer and ammunition
March Emmanuel Teneur: xav shoots in his garden / balloon, with the 22 silenced, Emmanuel tries out the weapon ((lies to the police when he claims to have never seen the weapon in operation)).
03/15/2011 Xav / family / Versailles: "farewell" visit,
MARCH 2011 xddl recontacts Catherine R, see you in Chamonix week of 12/4? Coincidence, “xddl” saw Nice car rental company where a “Catherine R” rented 1 car… Disambiguation. CR, strange message on 5/20, from a stranger, Philippe Steiner, profile deleted before his reply
Xddl prints Non-Pledge Certificates for Agnès Golf and Arthur's Xantia.
Brigitte L / prayer group, sees Agnès for the last time, very anxious. Heavy threats. Nothing about Xav's possible suicidal tendency.
Agnès asked to pray for them // threats received, the witness is thinking of CDDL and GDDL !
Apparently in October 2011 someone complained of having discovered in the file these threats, which forced Agnès to change phone number and email.
April 2011
-Purchase of cement, rubble bags, spade. SO1: Orvault Castorama: 2 10KG prompt cement bags, 2 gray adhesive rolls, 12 extra reinforced 50L rubble bags, a Lorraine hoe, a spade)
Emmanuel sees Xddl in the company of his 2 sons at the shooting range for the last time, an appointment taken for baptism of shooting offered by E, scheduled for April 9.
-Xddl sends 1 second letter to his mistress Catherine V: personal letter / Australia, he accuses her of having screwed up their relationship, "her money" makes her paranoid, (cf. letter of contrition from Agnes, same spirit) "no one will find me". ((Catherine received this final letter from Xavier on 9 April 2011, which means it must have been posted 3 or 4 Apr. ??
2/04/2011 Saturday
-Purchase of quicklime by xddl (SO1 4 bags, Xav also buys stamps and fills up GASOLINE).
Benoit spends the night at his friends house, comes back in the morning for the mass.
Agnès / conference / autism 9 am-5:30pm in St Herblain, which contradicts the thesis of preparations for the big trip ((Reality of this presence of Agnes at this conference is doubtful ??))
7:07 p.m. to 7:50 p.m. ET calls xddl 5 times, talked together 43 minutes
ET calls xddl twice which does not respond to tel
Arthur ... at the pizzeria from 11 a.m. to 2:55 p.m
(Arthur told his friends he won't be available during weekend. Anne said to her friends something similar, on 5th of April Thomas supposedly received a text massage from his mother.For CDDL a proof that Agnes is alive! Because Xav on phone at the same time .... - as if he couldn't answer a text message on another phone ...))
4 p.m. return of Agnès and Anne ((return from where ??))
5pm Thomas goes back to Anger.
That night family goes to cinema and restaurant.
21st april the bodies are found.

I translated some points from this facebook group post . There is so much more points and information in there i just translated the ones that stuck to me the most. Feel free to point any mistakes i used a translator so some of the translations might be weird. I tried my best to correct them.
CC*-cite catolique
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