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Why NY and not just NYC would be a unique, interesting, and fun FO5 setting

To start, this should be a single player game. If Bethesda/Obsidian/MS can make it so I can play with 1 or 2 friends, I want that but understand it's not that simple.
So why it should be picked:
First, NY has an amazing history when it comes to Pre-Revolution, Revolution, the Civil War, and beyond. Major events like the battle at Saratoga (which is considered the turning point of the Revolution), the 1980 Miracle on Ice, and Woodstock (along with a whole lot more) all took place in upstate NY. So the rich history of the area is ripe for pro American stylizing and propaganda that gives FO it's unique take on American Atom-punk.
That along with more modern history of things like the Native Americans (The Oneidas) actually taking back their land and forming their own sovereign nation (basically they have their own gov. Pay no state taxes, and self govern with police, fire, and allow gambling which NY does not). So their modern government would not only be some great lore, but I honestly believe could be a basis for the main quest line. Things like their unique tribal leadership, philosophy, and gambling (hello 10 luck) could bring a very grey area to fallout that was kind of missed in FO3 + 4. Plus their mythology would make for a great weird scene that fallout has at least 1 of every game.
Also, for those who don't know, upstate NY is very country with major cities pocketed about. (Utica, Albany, Syracuse, etc). So if you liked NV style of wandering the wastes, or 3s style of city wandering, we've got both. Also, we've got two mountains areas, one in the Adirondacks and the Catskills are the other.
That said, one of the most important parts of fallout are the locations. Where can we go? For that I have a list:
Major locations:
Lake Placid Winter Olympics training facility - the winter olympics world be held in 2078 and if they still exist by then and to play into the game, LP could be the location of those games. Again, the miracle on ice where American Amateurs bested the Communist Russian Pros, was held there. The "Better dead than Red" sentiment would be full force. Not to mention one of a few great locations for a possible vault (80, in this case to house winter olympians). Plus, the weapons could be cool too. Hockey sticks, hockey skate blades on gloves, a goalie mask for armor, you name it.
Cooperstown Baseball HOF - Now when you think Americana, Baseball is one of your first thoughts, don't lie. Cooperstown is baseball central and very pretty. Another great place for pro-american styles and fun gear like baseball base mines, softball helmets (because fuck you "A League of Their Own" style pro-baseball league in FO sounds awesome), and of course bats and baseball grenades. Also a baseball Vault (Vault 4, 5, 7, or 9). Not my idea, but in this vault, there's 32 teams of mens and 32 teams of womens baseball (or coed teams, idk), all of whom are pro players. Vault tec test is simple, winner gets food and drinks, loser gets steroid infused food and drink (but they don't know it has steroids obviously). The idea is, test how good at baseball people can be if given monster amounts of steroids for generations. I'll make a separate post about this in detail if desired.
Canastota Boxing HOF - Another unique area for America. Canastota is pretty boring and empty, but for those of you old enough to remember Rocky when it came out, it basically revived Boxing as a major sport and also had a moment where America bested the Red Menace (Rocky IV). Maybe a spot for a vault or to learn unique unarmed moves. Pugilism Illustrated anyone?
Albany - NYs capital and an easy big city area along the Hudson. A great location for corporate greed, governmental corruption, and side quests. Can't say it'll be the focal point of the game since its very near the eastern border of it, but a good location for exploring and lore.
Buffalo/Niagara Falls - Ya ever gone over the falls in a barrel? Do ya want to? I think using Niagara Falls (which has an American and Canadian side, Canadas is the U-shaped famous one) as Fallouts first "Non-American" location would be fun. First, the falls are beautiful and are a major source of hydroelectric power. Second, in FO, America annexed canada, so it's technically still America! Third, right across the "border" are casinos! More gambling! Third and a half, it's another big city and buffalo is where the buffalo wing was invented (God bless buffalo wings). Besides the cool lore opportunity about the annexation and the city location, the falls could be a major location for the story if the main conflict was about powering the area, similar to NV.
Syracuse - NYs (literal) center city. The Salt City as it was formally known is a big city with some great old and new style. Again, not much about the city to say, but a great opportunity for corporate BS. The main attraction would be the Syracuse Dome (formerly the Carrier Dome). Due to its location and style, it's perfect as a central trading hub for the major cities and people. Think of Great Green Jewel style, people living, bars, shops, etc. BUT the really interesting part is what's right next to the Dome. SUNY ESF (Environmental Science and Forestry). This college is special because (A. I went there) it has very unique programs and with some future tech thrown in, could be a great location for a Fallout 3 Harold or NV vault 22-esq quest. The college already does experiments with major chemicals, evolution (FEV anyone?) and breeding plants for unique purposes. Again, I have a really cool idea for this area, but that can be a different post. Fun fact, ESF is actually working to bring back the North America Chestnut that went (nearly) extinct! Also, some asshole releases the fruit flies the genetics lab work with every year and it sucks.
NYC (Empire, 9/11 memorial, Statue of Liberty) - Yeah yeah, you can't have NY without the City, but frankly there's so much here to explore and deal with, I'd leave it to the pros to really do it justice.
Turning Stone Casino - Gambling, a hotel/restaurants like in NV, and a good spot for the main quest line.
Fort Stanwix - A real revolutionary war fort. HQ or major area for raiders. Safe, well protected and with plenty of history.
Fort Drum and Griffis Air Force Base: Two major bases that could be packed with guns, nukes, and power armor. Heavily guarded by turrets, robots, and security gates.
Main Quest:
Without too much detail, I figure your character will be hired to figure out the future of NY.
You'll be brought to the Turning Stone which is currently the HQ of the Oneida tribe. Your job would be to either work with the other tribes in the former Iroquois Confederation (Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk, and Tuscarora [added later]). (Quick note: in my AU, some time after the bombs fell, the IC came to power because of their knowledge of living off the land and attempted to rebuild society. After some time rebuilding and establishing a post-war society, the tribes do the thing all humans do and bicker. Around 2200 the IC broke apart but the tribes retained power in their areas. They fight, trade, yadda yadda but no one is in control of everything.
Throughout your quest, it turns out that what is holding everyone back is a lack of power for things like lights and running water. Your job will be to determine where to get that power (Nuclear power plant in Oswego or the falls in Niagara?) And where to give it (one tribe? A few? Or all?). But that's not all, the tribes can't decide who should be in charge. One tribe wants to remain independent, don't help the outsiders and rebuild society in their image within NY, another wants to help others but would need to sacrifice their own people's safety and seclusion. Maybe another wants to be imperialist and expand their borders throughout America through way of force and fear while another agrees with taking land but wants it done through offers of protection for taxes. And each tribe has its own opinion on bringing the IC back together, staying separate, or taking over the tribes for themselves.
It's up to you character to decide who to help. Do you work hard to try and bring all tribes together under one banner or choose a side and execute their will as a paid mercenary/ambassador?
Other choices would be chaos by siding with raiders, or maybe a BOS path to take out all the tribes, idk, haven't thought it all out. Again, not a writer.
So personally, I like the idea that if you choose to go with a single faction, there would a battle/war mechanic where you and an army (or alone if you really wanna try) take over and lay claim to areas similar to Nuka World where you fly the gangs flag. Nothing complicated, normal fallout fights, don't die and kill the leadehis troops to win.
Karma is back. You will garner good or bad rep with each tribe depending on what you do. I'd like an armor system like in NV but I can live without it.
There is an ending. Once you beat the game you can continue doing side quests for armoexperience/ammo but only for the tribes left in power. Occasional rebellions will rise up as random events that need to be put down.
Settlements are limited. Like skyrim, but a plot and build. No need to build one everywhere and you don't even need to do it if you don't want to.
Radio host? Gimme a Mr. New Vegas type guy. I don't want an eccentric 3-dog, I want a smoothed voiced person wishing me lady like luck.
Also, smarter AI.
Otherwise, typical FO mechanics. Weapons degrade, can upgrade weapons and armor, etc.
Main problems with NY:
No real borders to the south. Invisible walls would like be necessary which is stupid. Same to the East, but the Hudson could theoretically be used as a border if you put crazy strong mirelurks or something to kill the player if they tried to cross (or more invisible walls)
Don't want to disrespect the tribes. This is an issue with using each tribe as a possible faction. You're bound to piss off or disrespect one. So it'll be a task to make sure it's as limited as possible.
What to do with the city? It's a huge area that can be used for so much, but as a part of NY it's actually pretty seperated. It's a commercial hub now, but there's nothing there that would really be a reason to go down there. So do you make it one or do we just make it a glowing sea type area that's completely decimated from the bombs? That's my personal choice honestly, but it's a tough one to please as many as possible.
Conclusion: NY is rad.
I'll be taking questions as long as they do not involve Canadian trivia. Thank you.
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I feel like these chase scenes are criminally underappreciated.

So, I understand that the chase scene in Casino Royale (2006) with James Bond chasing the bomber through a construction site is a very good and tense chase scene, and it definitely deserves the attention it receives. The chase scene from Point Break (1991) isn't bat either.
However, in my opinion, there are some really good chase scenes which are extremely (and when I mean extremely, I've almost never heard these ever mentioned) underrated. Below are 3 chase scenes (along with the links to the actual scenes) which definitely deserve more attention:
- The Firm (1993) : Tobin Bell chases Tom Cruise through the Memphis buildings and streets with catchy (yet somehow intense) 90s piano music
Youtube doesn't have the full chase scene, and it is missing the better parts, but here some of the parts:
- The Incredible Hulk (2008) : Edward Norton is chased through the streets of Favela with intense, orchestra music
- Secret In Their Eyes (2015) : Chiwetel Ejiofor and Dean Norris chase a suspect in a murder case through a baseball stadium
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Batman Forever: The Ultimate Fan Cut

I present the final version of Batman Forever: The Ultimate Fan Cut. The goal of this edit is to bring Joel Schumacher’s original vision of Batman Forever to life. This is a longer, darker, and more gripping story of the Dark Knight. The final runtime of this cut is 2 hours and 11 minutes.
Summarized changes: 1. I rearranged the film to fit Batman Forever’s original script. For example, the film opens with a deleted scene from Arkham Asylum, rather than the bank robbery in the theatrical cut. 2. I inserted many deleted scenes, such as the Arkham Asylum one mentioned earlier, which in return creates a darker film that explores Bruce Wayne’s torment and guilt. 3. I deleted many campy and over the top lines from the film that seemed to bring down the film’s quality. Examples include: “I’ll get drive through,” “Oh no! It’s boiling acid,” “spank me,” “joygasm,” etc... 4. I also took some creative liberties, such as utilizing the films 4:3 aspect ratio found in the original Batman Forever DVD. My intent with this is to display Batman Forever as a sort of live action cartoon, like Batman: The Animated Series. I feel that is what Schumacher’s original vision was supposed to be, and I think the 4:3 aspect ration mixed with the grainy film quality perfectly captures that. 5. In addition, I also rescored the end credits with the unused Batman Forever End Titles track composed by Elliot Goldenthal. I believe this track was abandoned in post-production to be replaced by Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me and Kiss from a Rose.
Full Changes: 1. Film opens with disclaimer (must own copy of DVD to watch the edit) 2. Opening titles cut to deleted Arkham Asylum scene 3. Deleted Arkham Asylum scene transitions to exterior of Wayne Enterprises and then the Wayne Enterprises scene 4. Bruce travels underground to suit up and stop Two-Face’s bank robbery, rather than meeting up with Chase on the rooftop 5. Cut Batman and Alfred’s drive-thru conversation 6. Cut security guard’s awkward “Oh no!” 7. Cut security guard’s poorly acted and overdramatic “Oh no! It’s boiling acid!” 8. Shot of Lady Liberty cuts to Nigma’s experimentation and murder scene at Wayne Enterprises 9. Cut Bruce Wayne’s very out of character line of “I’m Batman!” at the circus 10. After Bruce Wayne looks at the signal after talking to Alfred at Wayne Manor, then it cuts to the batmobile driving and the rooftop scene 11. Rooftop scene cuts to the Dick and Alfred scene in Wayne Manor 12. After Riddler and Two Face’s jewelry store heist, it cuts to a deleted Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne training/discussion scene, which replaces the awful laundry karate scene 13. The previous scene then cuts to the Riddler and Two Face casino/punching cops scene 14. The Riddler and Two Face driving scene cuts to the deleted scene where Riddler hacks Batman’s GPS to send him to a hair salon 15. That scene then transitions into the scene of Bruce watching the news 16. Inserted the deleted Bruce and Alfred batcave scene, which explores the public opinion on Batman and Bruce’s thoughts regarding Batman being his enemy 17. Cut out the notoriously bad bat-smile 18. Cut out the awkward and weird Riddler and Two-Face hug and “Happy Halloween” line 19. Cut out Riddler’s “spank me” line 20. Cut out Riddler’s campy baseball mockery scene 21. Cut out Riddler’s “joygasm” line 22. Inserted the deleted scene where Bruce reads his father’s journal, makes peace with himself, and embraces the identity of both Bruce Wayne and Batman 23. Cut out the notoriously bad bat-butt shot 24. Added a “Batman Forever: The Ultimate Fan Cut” title card 25. Rescored the end credits with an unused Batman Forever end credits track composed by Elliot Goldenthal 26. Added a Chase and Alfred deleted scene as a post-credits scene 27. A special thanks title card to youtuber Quezy-Quez for his contributions to Batman Forever: The Ultimate Fan Cut
If you are interested in viewing this edit, please comment down below and I will privately message you the MEGA link. Thank you!
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The Best Places for Sports Betting with Bitcoin

There are many ways to place a bet online, but if you are interested in placing sports bets with Bitcoin, then you might want to check out some of these sportbooks. You can even place esports bets, political bets, dabble in the casino or play a bit of poker on some of these sites - if that is your thing.


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The Time I Got The Pass

A couple years ago, I was playing poker full-time during a gap year in college. I'm from Jersey (grew up like 15 minutes away from Anna, apparently - took the SAT's at her old high school) and was mainly grinding at Parx outside Philly and Borgata in AC when I wasn't playing online (thank god it's legal here, fuck Sheldon Adelson - wishing death on decrepit old Jews like Kissinger who have receded into the shadows long after their damage has been done is usually weak shit, but I'd laugh if Adelson caught one in the dome), but I was pretty active in the Central Jersey home game scene. One of my good friends was a home game dealer at the time and started working at this juicy game consisting solely of ex-convicts who met up twice a week to lose their drug money to each other. He'd gotten the gig through a connection with one of the game runners who he'd been selling stolen iPhone parts at Rutgers for and told me to drop by since they were always looking for new players. He said the game was "shady" and told me to bring as little cash as possible as there'd be a non-zero chance I got robbed but gave me no details beyond that.
I show up to the game for the first time, hosted in the upstairs of run-down chiropractic office off Route 1, and "fish out of water" doesn't quite do it justice. I'm a sandy-haired twink, 135 pounds soaking wet, and I waltz into this place where everyone has done 5+ years (verbalized by at least three of them, my friend told me pretty much everyone had a record, usually narcotics charges with some domestic abuse sprinkled in) wearing salmon shorts and a button-down. Still, everyone was very cordial, happy to see a new player. Among the cast of characters playing was one of the hosts, an ex-DI defensive tackle who wore the same barbecue sauce-stained wife beater to every game while draped in what looked like 20 pounds of diamond jewelry and rolled up each night in a different Audi A6. There was also "Shorty", a wicked nice guy who'd been wheelchair-bound for over 20 years after taking 5 shots from a Tec-9 for saving his little cousin from getting his shit pushed in (whenever he was dealt 9 5 in Hold' em, after the hand he'd go "man, '95. The year my daughter was born and the year I got shot." which I got him to elaborate on that first night). There was Bri, a woman in her late 30's with an awful weave who'd lose exactly $300 every game in quick $50 increments, always seething on her bustout hand, cursing out the dealer and occasionally throwing chips at them (didn't know why they let her back every game since she brought so little to the game, but it was a very Snot Boogie-esque moment, if you're into The Wire). The only other white person there outside of my friend was "Big D," a paunchy woman in her 40's who'd gone to jail for beating her cheating husband with a baseball bat (omg queeeeeeen slayyyyyy).
I started going most Wednesdays since the casinos were usually slow that night and the Omaha game they ran was very fat. I didn't speak much, and I was mostly known for being a "serious player" and for my ability to snarf down a penne vodka tray faster than "Big Anthony" despite having the effete physique of a John Singer Sargent portrait subject. One night, I'm a few Millers deep (people tolerate you draining thousands from their game better if you're not stone sober all the time) and they started bumping some tunes, not super common at home games but the host was in the mood for it. As I'm sitting there stimming with my chips, my ears perk up when I hear the ethereal melody of "Life's a Bitch" fade in. As an autistic backpacker proto-fantanofag whose music taste was birthed out of the annals of 2011 /mu/, all those Illmatic verses are practically etched into my hippocampus.
I start mouthing the conversation between Nas and AZ at the beginning, and Shorty sees me as I say "cause we spendin' these Jacksons, the Washingtons go to wifey, you know how that go" and tells the table "yo, look." AZ's legendary verse begins and I drill it. 'Visualizing the realism of life in actuality / fuck who's the baddest, a person's status depend on salary..." and the rest seamlessly leaks out of my grapefruit. The whole room erupts out of bewilderment that this skinny nerd just nailed such an immaculate verse, and they're saying "keep going, keep going" during the chorus. I do a clean run of Nas' oft-overlooked second verse and the host is out of his seat yelling at this point as Olu Dara's cornet gently glides us to the end of the track. He goes "let's see him do another one" and the game is de facto paused at this point (very rare as it stops the collection of rake) and turns on "The World Is Yours," very fitting as the next track on the album.
We collectively sing the chorus and then I'm solo when the first verse hits - "I sip the Dom P watchin' Gandhi 'til I'm charged, then / Writin' in my book of rhymes, all the words past the margin" powerful enough lines to carry me through the rest of it. When we get to the third verse, Shorty notices me skip a word in "I need a new nigga for this black cloud to follow / ‘Cause while it's over me it's too dark to see tomorrow" (Jesus, who hasn't felt that at some point?) and at the end of the track, gets his hand on my shoulder and gives the proclamation "anybody who can spit Nas like that can say nigga." The game restarts and I'm asked for an encore, so I do "N.Y. State of Mind", a fortunate ordering since it has by far the highest n-word density of the three. I briefly stumble over "45’s and gauges, MAC's in fact / Same niggas will catch you back-to-back, snatchin' your cracks and black," a difficult string of exact rhymes, but they're equally impressed. The light-skinned drink runner grabs me another Miller and they transition to listening to All Eyez On Me, disappointed I don't have the same proficiency in Pac.
Stopped going to the game when I went back to school. Hope they're still drinking and throwing cards around, they were some cool people.
TL; DR: I can say the n-word because the Dionysian transcends all cultural boundaries.
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Phillies Hot Take- Rhys Hoskins doesnt suck?

I was watching one of Fuzzy's daily baseball updates (which are very well done and I highly recommend watching them if you don't already... think quick pitch but around the league in10 minutes instead of 60), and while he was talking about the Phillies should-have-been-rout of the Braves that ended up being 13-8 because Nick Pivetta can't seem to grasp the concept that if you throw a 90 mph fastball up in the zone with minimal movement, MLB players will tee off. One of the things he mentioned, however, was that Rhys Hoskins kind of sucks right now, and I was curious to see if he actually does suck as bad as people say he does. I am well aware that Rhys is not the next coming of Jesus Christ (aka Bryce Harper to us Philadelphians). But is he underappreciated for how good he actually is?

[Foolish Baseball Level One]: The Breakout

Rhys Hoskins burst onto the scene in August of 2017, hitting 18 home runs in his first 34 games, one of the best rookie performances ever in that time frame, and he would go on to finish 4th in ROY voting, despite having only played 50 games, slashing .259/394/.618 with an OPS of 1.014 and an OPS+ of 162. Those are ROY lock numbers if they were carried for a full season, better than Ronald Acuna Jr’s 2018 rookie campaign. But you might notice something, and that something would become a major criticism of Rhys Hoskins. Though he raked for those first 34 games, from then on, he would not hit another home run for the rest of the year. Through just those first 34 games, he had racked up a 1.247 OBPwith a .314 batting average. He would hit just .156 down the stretch to finish the season.

[Foolish Baseball Level Two]: The Slump

He followed up that stellar performance in 2018 by hitting over .300 in April, but then he started being streaky again, .161 with a measly 2 homers in may, .312 with 8 homers in June. The rest of the season followed suit, and he finished with a respectable 34 home runs while hitting about .250. But it was nowhere near the 2017 numbers. In 2017 Hoskins had a 2.2 fWAR and a 2.1 bWAR for 50 games. For 2018 Hoskins had a 2.8 fWAR and a measly 1 bWAR (though that mainly had to do with him playing the whole year in a different position).

By most accounts 2019 was a bad year for Hoskins. Though he showed some flashes of his 2017 self, he struggled for the most part, especially, quipping in mid september after hitting a single that he felt like it was his first hit in months. He wasnt too far off. Despite starting the first half of the year in a very respectable manner, hitting .265 with 18 home runs through 81 games with an OBP of nearly .400, he struggled the rest of the way, hitting only a buck 89 with 12 home runs in the remaining 81 games, which is quite frankly terrible. He finished the season with a .229 batting average and an OPS+ of 112, which is not what you want to see from a 3-4-5 hitter.

[Foolish Baseball Level Three]: The eyes

Rhys Hoskins has a fantastic eye for balls and strikes. His OBP is consistently about 100-150 points higher than his batting average. He walked a league leading 116 times last season, ahead of (rightfully) feared hitters Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, and Christina Yelich. So while he may not always be good at getting hits, he is pretty consistent at getting not outs, which is arguably just as important to a certain extent.

[Foolish Baseball Level Four]: This year

I am well aware that Rhys Hoskins has a batting average of .188 and an OPS of about .650, with no homers and 2 XBHs this year, which to be fair is from about 10 games since the marlins can't seem to make good choices about whether or not to play baseball or go to the casino. Those are not good numbers at face value, but if you dig deeper, there are some promising numbers if you look. This year so far Rhys Hoskins is walking in an absurd 28.3% of plate appearances, and has a .435 OBP. But he also has not forgotten how to hit. If you look at his xwOBA, which more info on can be found here because I had not a clue what it meant when I was looking at baseball savant, but it just looks at exit velocity and launch angle, and Rhys Hoskins is in the top 10% of the league. His average exit velocity so far this year is higher than any of his prior years, so he is due to break out, as he has hit the sweet spot more than any of his other years, including that monstrous 2017 campaign.

And also he was hitting fastballs out of the park about once every 105 pitches, and the next fastball he sees will be number 106 this year… so hes going to go yard soon, dont you worry.

Or maybe it is just too early to tell, as he has only about 42 plate appearances this year. But I think that Rhys Hoskins has done enough to not warrant the “he sucks” card being placed on him, I think hes a fairly average 1st baseman, who is bound to break out in the next two-three days.

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading. Please post your thoughts, as I am happy to discuss in a civilized manner.

TL;DR Rhys Hoskins doesn't suck
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My back pain is GONE.

I used to have horrible back pain. It developed right around the time I had my children. It felt like being jabbed with a crochet hook in the middle of my lower back and it was debilitating - I couldn't do any physical activity without having to sit down to take the pressure off of my aching back. I've been fat all my life and this certainly didn't help, so my weight went up. And I'm 42 and I have young children and a very active husband. I was trying to push myself to keep up with them, but it was agonizing. I juggled over-the-counter painkillers, but they were temporary at best, and I absolutely didn't want to try anything stronger until I'd exhausted all other options.
I happened to read somewhere that sugar can have an inflammatory effect on the body that can result in joint pain. I am/was a sugerholic, but I was also getting desperate. I started charting my intake with MyFitnessPal to be more conscientious about what I eat, and as an experiment, I went two days without sugar. Not totally carb free, but I made sure my fat and protein intake was a higher percentage of my overall caloric intake, and my overall carbohydrate intake was lower and that carbs were an incidental intake (from veggies or the very occasional piece of fruit) rather than a primary source. I also added MCT oil to my morning coffee, which helped fight hunger and sugar cravings. To fight off keto flu symptoms, I did beef or chicken broth for breakfast, adding some vegetable broth to round out the flavor.
...and my back pain completely disappeared. The next week was a series of experiments in doing various activities without my regular pain medication. And it's gone. There's no more back pain. It's not just lowered to a manageable level. It's not gone for a couple of hours a day, I mean it's completely GONE. It feels like my back from twenty years ago.
It's been a month. I've kept my caloric intake to 2000 kcal/day or less, and I avoid all simple sugars. I've lost 25 lbs (weight loss is not the focus, but it's certainly welcome), and I'm back to exercising. I'm so excited. I feel like I have my life back!
If you've seen the movie Casino, you remember the corn field scene, where one character sneaks up behind Joe Pesci's character and starts hitting him with a baseball bat? That's what I picture when I want that cookie or that brownie. Because I'm not going back to that pain again.
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Joel & Casino?

Does anyone else think that the scene with Abbey and the 9 iron is very reminiscent of scene in Casino were Joe Pesci character and his brother get beaten with the baseball bats? All it needed was for Tommy to get it first while Joel is held back and Abbey tells her crew to "ship him" before introducing said 9 iron to Joel's head! 😉⛳
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A story

I log into GTA online donning purple and check the player board to see to 11 other purple folk.
I find them on the map in a battle with the green scourge.
I arrive on scene, baseball bat in hand and charge the green lines.
And what at epic battle it was, raging for many moons.
Until, behold a black oppressor, its riders, tryhards
The tryhards rained missles upon us, explosion after explosion, more of our men succuming to this horror.
As the fighting grew to chaos, I knew what to do.
So I drew my nightshark from my garage.
I rode as fast as I could, dodging missles and picking up my violet comrades and escaping to drop them off at the casino.
Back and forth I went, player after player being rescued.
T'was a bittersweet ending for such a grand battle, yet I shall never forget what happened last night.
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The Tale of The North Stars.

The North Stars, you all know what happened, Norm Green moves the team to Dallas, because he was a pervert. Well there was a lot more that went into them moving, than simply just “Norm’s wife told him to move the team or else”.
March 11, 1965, NHL President Clarence Campbell announces the NHL will expand to twelve teams, from six. With that the era of the Original Six, the “Original Six” weren’t even that, they were just six teams that managed to survive throughout a chaotic league. A group led by, Walter Bush, Jr., Robert Ridder, and John Driscoll, sought to bring the NHL to the Twin Cities, in Minnesota. The NHL awarded this group one of the six new franchises, with the other five going to Oakland(Seals), Pittsburgh(Penguins), St Louis(Blues), Philadelphia(Flyers) and Los Angeles(Kings). The as of yet unnamed franchise held a naming contest, as you typically do with a new team and the name “North Stars” was selected, which was derived from the states motto "L'Étoile du Nord" or Star of the North. Work quickly began on their new arena in Bloomington, with the arena eventually being named “The Metropolitan Sports Center.”
Honestly? There’s not much chaotic about the early North Stars, unlike the Blues who had to deal with the NHL’s bullshit(Norris Jr and his merry band of fools), or the Seals who were a mess to begin with, the North Stars were...stable. Game 1 of their first season was an entertaining one, playing against fellow expansion team, the St Louis Blues, they tied in their first game, with Bill Masterson scoring the first goal in franchise history. It was an exciting time to be a hockey fan. All was not well though, on January 13, 1968, the North Stars faced the California Seals, in what would be Masterson’s final game.
Masterson was skating the puck across the Blue Line, his skates got tangled in the stick of Larry Cahan or Ron Harris(it’s unknown as to which, but they were both close to him), Masterson lost his balance, pitching forward, he didn’t see the defendor coming up on him, who delivered a clean check to him, knocking him backwards. Masterson was not wearing a helmet(as was normal), as he smacked his head on the ice, going unconscious instantly. Masterson never recovered, he died a few days later. Teammate André Boudrias described the hit "It sounded like a baseball bat hitting a ball.” Boudrias helped the team trainer onto the ice, the team doctor joining them soon after. They carried Masterson off on a stretcher and into an ambulance to Fairview Southdale hospital, seven miles away. "His eyes were gray at the time -- it was like a horror picture," Boudrias says. "I knew he was done." Doctors did what they could, treating him with steroids and diuretics, but the swelling in his brain was too swift and severe. His Wife and Parents, who had flown in from Winnipeg to watch him play, had made the decision to remove Bill from life support.
Hours later, at 1:55AM, Bill Masterton was pronounced dead at the age of 29, he was survived by his wife Carol. Unfortunately this didn’t do much to make the NHL decide to make helmets mandatory, not for another decade when they finally made helmets mandatory. However this did spark a change among players, as more began to adopt helmets. Players before this had worn helmets, but most chose not to for “Vanity Reasons”(To quote Brett Hull). Bruins player Ted Green had become the first Bruin to wear a helmet, since Eddie Shore. Shore had suffered major head injuries as a result of a massive hit he laid onto Ace Bailey, Shore in turn had his head hit the ice in retaliation. Doctors described Masterton’s death as the result of “a massive brain injury”. After news of Masterton’s death spread to the team, the North Stars lost their next six, but also retired his Jersey. Masterson’s death opened many eyes to the realization that helmets were needed in a fast moving game such a hockey. Following his death, hockey writers announced the creation of the “Bill Masterton Trophy”, to be given annually to the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey. Basically the player who best overcame adversity for that season, such as Bobby Clarke, who overcame Diabetes to play in the NHL.
The North Stars finished fourth in the West Division(the one with all the expansion teams), in their first playoff run, they beat the Kings, advancing to the West Finals, where they lost to the Blues in a Game 7, in double overtime. The Blues proceeded to get swept by the Canadiens, in what becomes a recurring theme for the next 2 finals, Original Six sweeping the expansion Blues. This is by no means because the Blues were awful, it was because the odds were stacked against them and the rest of the “New Six”. They weren’t given great players and the GMs had no idea what they were doing, not to mention they were given their own division so the Original Six had a punching bag. Even in a “new era” the NHL was awful. The next few years were mostly uneventful for the North Stars, missing the playoffs once, but only posting one winning season in their first four seasons, it wasn’t looking great. They were better than their WHA Rivals, who folded four seasons in, but not by much. By ‘78 attendance had fallen so sharply that there were fears that they would fold due to how bad things were, they’d posted 2 whole winning seasons and out of the last six seasons, making the playoffs only once, it didn’t look good. But there was a worse team, the Cleveland Barons, formerly the Oakland / California Seals, who relocated to Cleveland due to a new arena being out of the question and the minority owners(George and Gordon Gund) convincing the majority owner Melvin Swig(wanted to move them to San Francisco, more on this at the end) to move the team to Cleveland. The Barons weren’t much better and then this happened.
Essentially the wealthy owners of the Barons, George(III) and Gordon Gund, would become the new owners of the North Stars, merging them with the Barons. The Barons would in turn merge with the North Stars, giving them the good parts of the team. The North Stars would not relocate, they would keep their name, logo, color, everything, but would be moved to the Adams Division, since now that division would be down to three teams. Most notable of the players the North Stars would get were Goaltender Gilles Meloche and forwards Al MacAdam and Mike Fidler. During the draft that year they had drafted future Calder winner, Bobby Smith, who helped to bolster an actually decent looking team now. They weren’t cup favorites, but they were an improved team, this merger is what saved the North Stars from folding and making the NHL’s expansion look like even worse of a joke. The season that followed was nothing short of incredible, suddenly the North Stars looked like a real team, everyone looked to be firing on all cylinders, leading to a historic game:
The following season proved to be an improvement over the last, with them finishing only a point lower than the previous year, but their playoff run was magical. The North Stars got through the Bruins, Sabres and finally the Flames, to reach the Cup Final. ...Where they promptly got beat 4-1, but it didn’t matter, because by all accounts the North Stars were doing much better now, people paid attention to them, the building was usually full. The next few seasons were the same, despite one early round exit, they made it to the Conference Finals, once more with two Round 1 exits and Round 2 exit. That was it for the Cinderella story of the North Stars though, 85-86 was the final time the North Stars would have a winning season. The 80’s were almost over and attendance was..dropping, despite everything, the North Stars were in trouble. They finished 87-88, just barely out of the playoffs, but allowed them to draft one of the greatest American-Born Players, of all time. Mike Modano.
Drafting Modano was great, but ownership kept threatening to move the team to San Francisco, the Gunds' didn’t exactly like Minnesota and with the fans not showing up, relocation become a threat, here you have a team that was close to folding just a decade ago, back to having trouble and it doesn’t look good on the NHL, despite them vetoing any attempts by the Gund’s to move the team. The NHL eventually gave into the Gund’s threats to move the team to San Francisco. This is where it becomes complicated.
Enter Norm Greed: Norm Green, former minority owner of the Flames, had joined Baldwin’s ownership group and purchased a 51% stake in the team. Green then purchased Baldwin’s stake in the team, gaining more than 75% control of the North Stars. He then went and bought Belzberg's share in October of 1990, giving him all the power he wanted, making him the owner of the team.
The 91 season was...odd for the North Stars. They finished with a losing record(as was the norm at this point), but had barely made the playoffs. This is where it gets weirder, they went on a cup run, beating two of the NHL’s best teams in the Blackhawks and Blues, steamrolling through the defending champions in the Oilers, finally facing off against Lemieux’s Penguins, who had just acquired Ron Francis, not too long ago. This Final didn’t go their way, just like the last one, but they fought hard in it, losing 4 games to 2. That was all she wrote for the North Stars though.
It was a strange offseason, in what could be called foreshadowing the North Stars got new uniforms. Gone were the Green uniforms and Stars on the pants, replaced with a simple Black and Green jersey, the new logo ditching the “North Stars” for just “Stars” The uniforms would literally just be the one’s later used in Dallas for most of the 90’s with minor changes. New uniforms weren’t it though, behind the scenes it was chaos. Green was trying to move the team to LA, to play in the still being built Honda Center(Yes, that one), where they would become the “L.A. Stars”. As Disney was in the middle of negotiations(the 90’s were fucking weird) to place a team there(they also owned the Angels), the North Stars would instead move to Dallas, Texas.
Dallas, Texas. In 1992 Greed announced the North Stars would move to Reunion Arena, in the heart of Dallas, Texas, becoming the Dallas Stars. Why did this happen? Variety of reasons really. Green was a massive pervert and couldn’t keep his hands to himself, or his junk in pants, so he faced a sexual harassment lawsuit, with his wife threatening to leave him, if he didn’t move the team. Why couldn’t they just play at Target Center, with the Timberwolves? Target was Coca-Cola, while the Stars advertised with Pepsi, which created issue. Issue I’m sure could have been solved, but hey, what do I know? Another reason was the dwindling attendance, it has been an issue for the past few years(minus the cup run), combine that with a team who can’t put together a winning season and people just weren’t having it. The on-ice product wasn’t good and they had no interest.
Another factor involved the Gunds’. Yes, they were out of the picture, but their stink still lingered. The Gunds’ had tried to build a shopping near the Met Center, after demolishing Met Stadium(Twins and Vikings played there), well it was looking like they would get their wish...until they didn’t. Instead the Ghermezian brothers, got the land and built The Mall of America. The Gunds’ had felt the Metro Sports Commission had cheated them over this and in turn demanded the MSC renovate the Met Center to the tune of $15 Million, adding close to 40 suites and expanding the concourse. None of that happened, the MSC laughed in their faces and told them to go away. However, North Stars GM Lou Nanne had been the one to actually do something. He persuaded the MSC to instead spend $3.5 Million and add only 20 suites.
The Gunds’ were incredibly frustrated with their situation in Minnesota. And fans were too. Years of failed drafts, trades, no talent and bad seasons, left many fans thinking ownership only cared about money. ...Which they did. Some even called them “No Stars”, because of how true it was, the North Stars had no stars, for most of the Gund era. With the Target Center being built, the Gunds’ took this as a sign, it was time to demand the MSC renovate the Met again, asking for money to do so, with the MSC again, laughing in their faces. It just so happened, Art Savage(friend of the Gunds’) was trying to get a team in San Francisco, so they decided to join forces and move the North Stars to San Francisco.
It wasn’t that easy though. GM Lou Nanne(voice of reason somehow) warned them the NHL wouldn’t allow it, but they went to the Board of Governors to get permission to move. Bill Wirtz was head of the BoG and pretty much denied them on the spot, but granted them a team in San Jose on the condition they sell the North Stars, to an owner who would keep them in Minnesota(Ahahaha). This left the Gunds’ split as George was fine with selling, but Gordon felt that they worked too hard to just sell now(what work did they do? The world may never know!). Eventually they did sell to the aforementioned group involving Norm Green however and they got their team in San Jose.
Norm and the sexual harassment allegations against him. Norm was being sued by some of his former secretaries for sexual harassment, he’d look down their blouses, and demand they kiss him, he was a creep in every way possible. His wife demanded he * move the team, to get rid of mounting media pressure on them, due to the aforementioned lawsuit. Norm made attempts to keep the North Stars in Minnesota, but as the MSC had just finished building the Target Center, they weren’t about to build another arena. The Target Center deal fell through, as did a deal that would link the Met Center to the Mall of America, via Skyway and would include a casino that Green would own. That proposal was shot down because it was almost the same cost as a new arena, that the MSC refused to pay for. He renovated the Met with his own money during his short tenure as North Stars Owner, but that was about it. Apparently it was thanks to former Cowboys Quarterback Roger Staubach that the Stars moved to Dallas, as he had convinced Green, Dallas was the perfect market for hockey.
The fans were as you can imagine angry. Bringing “Norm Sucks” signs and chanting that during games, even calling him “Norm Greed”(Accurate really). It was a horrible time to be a North Stars fan, hell a sports fan in Minnesota in general. Their final season was again, normalcy, sure they made the playoffs, but it was another losing season and this was it for them. They lost to Detroit in 7 games, playing their final game in Detroit, losing 1-0 in Overtime. It was also the first time the NHL tested video replay. The legendary Al Schaer final call goes as follows:
In many ways the Stars were what the NHL wanted, an experiment in the Southern US, to see if Hockey could work. Dallas, Miami, Tampa were experimental, the NHL wanted to expand into an untapped market, but in doing so alienated fans in Minnesota. They quelled this by announcing “The Twin Cities would get a new expansion team in the near future” the Minnesota Wild.
In the end, the North Stars were unstable for most of their existence, due to horrible ownership. The fans deserved better, but instead got people who didn’t want to spend much, instead. Even in the early years, things weren't good, the merger is what saved them, but in a way also killed them. The fans have every right to still despise Green, but I believe they should despise the Gunds' as well.
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Bennett Foddy

"There's no feeling more intense than starting over." "If you've deleted your homework the day before it was due, as I have," "Or if you left your wallet at home and you have to go back, after spending an hour in the commute," "If you won some money at the casino and then put all your winnings on red, and it came up black," "If you got your best shirt dry-cleaned before a wedding and then immediately dropped food on it," "If you won an argument with a friend and then later discovered that they just returned to their original view," "Starting over is harder than starting up." "If you're not ready for that, like if you've already had a bad day" "Then what you're about to go through might be too much." "Feel free to go away and come back. I'll be here." "Alright, thanks for coming with me on this trip. I'll understand if you have to take a break at any point..." "Just find a safe place to stop, and quit the game." "Don't worry, I'll save your progress, always. Even your mistakes." "This game is a homage to a free game that came out in 2002, titled 'Sexy Hiking'" "The author of that game was Jazzuo, a mysterious Czech designer who was known at the time as the father of B-Games." "B-Games are rough assemblages of found objects, Designers slap them together very quickly and freely, and they're often too rough and unfriendly to gain much following."' "They're built more for the joy of building them than as polished products." "In a certain way Sexy Hiking is the perfect embodiment of a B-Game. It's built almost entirely out of found and recycled parts, and it's one of the most unusual and unfriendly games of its time." "In it, your task is to simply drag yourself up a mountain with a hammer" "The act of climbing, in the digital world or in real life, has certain essential properties that gives the game it's flavor." "No amount of forward progress is guaranteed; some cliffs are to sheer or too slippery." "And the player is constantly, unremittingly in danger of falling and losing everything." "Anyway when you start Sexy Hiking, you're standing next to a (this dead) tree, which blocks the way to the entire rest of the game." "It might take you an hour to get over that tree. A lot of people never got past it. You prod and poke at it, exploring the limits of your reach and strength, trying to find a way up." "There's a sense of truth in that lack of compromise." "Most obstacles in videogames are fake - you can be completely confident in your ability to get through them, once you have the correct method or the correct equipment, or just by spending enough time." "In that sense, every pixelated object in Sexy Hiking is real." "The obstacles in Sexy Hiking are unyielding, and that makes the game uniquely frustrating." "But I'm not sure Jazzuo intended to make a frustrating game - the frustration is just essential to the act of climbing and it's authentic to the process of building a game about climbing." "A funny thing happened to me as I was building this mountain: I'd have an idea for a new obstacle, and I'd build it, test it, and... it would usually turn out to be unreasonably hard. But I couldn't bring myself to make it easier." "It already felt like my inability to get past the new obstacle was my fault as a player, rather than as the builder." "Imaginary mountains build themselves from our efforts to climb them, and it's our repeated attempts to reach the summit that turns those mountains into something real." "When you're building a videogame world you're building with ideas, And that can be like working with quick-set cement. You mold your ideas into a certain shape that can be played with, and in the process of playing with them they begin to harden and set until theyre immutable, like rock." "At that point you can't change the world - not without breaking it into pieces and starting fresh with new ideas." "For years now people have been predicting that games would soon be made out of prefabricated objects, bought into a store and assembled into a world." "For the most part, that hasn't happened, because the objects in the stores are trash. I don't mean they look bad or they're badly made, although a lot of them are. I mean they're trash in the way that food becomes trash as soon as you put it in the sink." "Things are made to be consumed in a certain context, and once the moment is gone they transform into garbage. In the context of technology those moments pass by in seconds." "Over time we've poured more and more refuse into this vast digital landfill we call the internet. It now vastly outnumbers and outweighs the things that are fresh and untainted and unused." "When everything around us is cultural trash, trash becomes the new medium, the lingua franca of the digital age." "You can build culture out of trash, but only trash culture: B-ganes, B-movies, B-music, B-philosophy." "Maybe this is what digital culture is." "A monstrous mountain of trash, the ash-heap of creativity's fountain." "A landfill with everything we ever thought of in it(,) Grand, infinite, and unsorted." "There's 3D models of breakfast(,) gen-xers' fanfic novels(,) scanned magazines, green-screen Shia LeBoeuf(,) banned snuff scenes on liveleak(,) facebook's got lifelike bots with unbranded adverts, and candid shots of Kanye(,) and Taylor Swift mashups(,) car crash epic fail gifs(,) Russian dash cam vids(,) discussions of McRibs(,) discarded, forgotten, unrecycled, muddled, rotten, untitled." "Everything's fresh for about six seconds until some newer thing beckons and we hit refresh. And there's years of persevering Dissapearing into the pile, Out of sight." "In this context, it's tempting to make friendly content... That's gentle, that lets you churn through it but not earn it." "Why make something demanding if it just gets piled up in the landfill Filed in with the bland things?" "When games were new, they wanted a lot from you. Daunting you, taunting you, resetting and delaying you. Players played stoically. Now everyone's turned off by that. They want to burn through it quickly, a quick fix for the fickle, some tricks for the clicks of the feckless. But that's not you, you're an acrobat, you could swallow a baseball bat." "Now I know, most likely you're watching on YouTube or Twitch while some dude with 10 million views does it for you, Like a baby bird being fed chewed-up food. That's culture too." "But on the off-chance that you're playing this, what I'm saying is: Trash is disposable but maybe it doesn't have to be approachable." "What's the feeling like? Are you stressed? I guess you don't hate it if you got this far, feeling frustrated it's underrated." "An orange is sweet juicy fruit locked inside a bitter peel. That's not how I feel about a challenge. I only want the bitterness, Its coffee, its grapefruit, its licorice." "It feels like we're closer now, composer and climber, Designer and user. You could have refused but you didn't, There was something in you that was hidden, That chose to continue." "It means a lot to me that you've come this far, Endured this much. Every wisecrack, every insensitivity, every setback that you've forgiven me is a kingly gift you've given me." "We have the same taste, You and I. It's not ambition. It's ambition's opposite. An obdurate mission to taste defeat. You'll feel bad if you win, so I put this snake in for you." "Have you thought about who you are in this? Are you the man in the pot, Diogenes? Are you the mans hand? Are you the top of the hammer? I think not. Where you move the hammer may not follow, nor the man, nor the mans hand. In this you're his WILL, his intent. The embodied resolve in his uphill ascent." "Now you've conquered the ice cliff, The platforms the church and rectory, the living room and the factory, the playground and the construction site, the granite rocks, and the lakeside. You've learned to hike. There's nowhere left to go but up, And in a moment I'll shut up, but let me say, I'm glad you came." "I dedicate this game to you, the one who came this far. I give it to you with all my love."
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The Irishman review (no spoilers)

So in a world were streaming services is about to have as much legitimacy as the movie studios, Martin Scorsese, the goat of directors , has decided to take the plunge and make probably his last mob movie with the all stars of mob films, De niro, Pesci and Pacino. With De Niro, Pesci and Marty not having done a movie together since Casino. The first time De Niro and Pacino have worked together since heat. Because Righteous Kill never happened and Heat is one of my favorite films. This is probably the most ambitious movie Netflix has done. A 3.5 hour epic with a 175 million dollar budget and the results are awesome. First off, we get into the acting. De Niro has been on a roll with Wizard of Lies, Joker, and now this. You can just tell whenever he and Marty team up, he's at his best and this is no different. Next we got Joe Pesci and Pesci came out of a 20 year retirement to do this film and it feels like he never left. No acting rust on Pesci right here. It's a different type of role from Pesci because this doesn't have him screaming and breaking out the baseball bat and wacking someone. This is a very quiet and nuanced role for him and he nails it. But the best part of the movie for me, is Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa. Dude stole the show for me. Anytime he came on screen I was laughing pretty hard. It's crazy to me, that it took this long for Pacino to be in a Scorsese film.

You've all heard that the films biggest selling point which that they deaged the actors. It was why the budget ballooned to 175 mil. I'd say about 95% of the time it works. On Pacino and Pesci, it looked amazing. Pacino especially looked like his Scent of a Woman days and Pesci looked like he stepped off the set of Home Alone. On De Niro, it does look good, he does look like hid Goodfellas self. There is his first scene all deaged, that he looked like a video game character. And there's a scene when he's curb stomping a dude and the way he moved, he moved like an old man. I was sitting there going "wow. you couldn't afford a body double huh Marty?"

And yes, The Irishman is 3 and a half hours long. I felt like 3 hours flew by well, but the last half hour to me, while I understood why they wrapped the story up in that style, I do think they could've cut it down a bit. Had a bit of a Return of the King ending type of style.

Guys The Irishman is a great film with 4 people coming togther for what's probably their last time on screen making a gangster movie. The biggest compliment I can say is to not expect a mob movie in the vein of Goodfellas and Casino. This is a straight up drama. If you can let that go, I promise you'll probably be satisfied. I do wish they had a bluray release so I can put it next to my bluray copies of Casino and Goodfellas. That feeling of completing an unofficial trilogy. This is easily one of my favorite films of the year.
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Everything we know about Persona 5 Royal so far (April 24th to June 28th). SPOILERS for the base game!

NOTE: A new "Everything We Know" post is up, containing everything we know! Check it out here!
Disclaimer: I'm trying to cram two months' worth of info in here, so please let me know if there are any important details or links I've left out. Thank you in advance for your time!
This post will summarise everything we know so far about Persona 5 Royal. I've been using this as a master thread until now, but with it getting a bit cluttered (and also because some of the theories there have already been dis/ proven) I'm writing this to be a clean slate and starting point for future analyses. This also means that I'll try to be a bit more 'clinical' with the following write-up and keep the theorising to a minimum until the end, unless I feel there's enough evidence to make a strong case for a particular idea. If you want the unabridged run-down of everything, feel free to check out that link!
I'll be dividing this post into four main sections, which will have their own subsections. Let's begin!
There are at least two new characters being added with Atlus confirming there will be more: Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki:
Kasumi Yoshizawa
Kasumi is a first year at Shujin, meaning she joins at about the same time as Ren. She's a rythmic gymnast who made a name for herself even in middle school, meaning Shujin Academy also has high expectations for her. She is represented by the Faith Arcana, which comes from the oldest known version of the Tarot, the Visconti-Sforza deck. It doesn't match any of the existing Arcana, which is why its in-game graphic has no number. While she acknowledges that the Phantom Thieves are good people, the first thing we learned about her (in the March teaser trailer) was that she disagrees with their methods; she instead thinks people should be responsible for changing themselves in order to truly make a difference. That said, she still works with the Thieves, though Atlus says she does so to reach her own ends.
As a Phantom Thief, she wields a rapier (which Atlus points out is a weapon used for duelling, i.e. fighting foes honourably) and a lever action pistol. Her Persona is Cendrillon, the French version of Cinderella, and uses Bless and Phys Skills - we know for a fact that she can use Heat Wave and Kougaon. While her Persona may be the exact opposite of Arsene in looks and abilities, her Thief outfit was intentionally designed to resemble Joker's, hence the longcoat, gloves and red/ black colour scheme.
As for her Confidant, we know from her trailer that one of her Ranks is set in the Yongen-Jaya batting cages while her Rank 4 ends outside a clothes shop in Kichijoji and unlocks the Chaines Wire ability (named after a gymnastics manouevre and allows long-range Ambushes). While her Confidant appears to cap at Rank 5, the fact that this event ends with "I feel a strong bond of trust from Kasumi" instead of "I have a deep bond of friendship/ I share a special bond with Kasumi" tells us Rank 4 is nowhere near the end. More likely is that the second half of her Confidant will unlock later in the story, e.g. after she ("truly") joins the Thieves, OR that her Arcana will transform for the second half as in P4G. Maybe the reason Rank 6+ have been hidden is because unlocking them is optional and you can only trigger an Arcana transformation through certain actions (and/ or which Arcana she changes to depends on how you treat her)? This incoming change may also be why her card appears damaged, which doesn't occur for anyone else - i.e. it's incomplete until your relationship with her heals/ fills in the gaps. (One suggestion is that the damage indicates her Arcana has been reversed, which in turn implies she represents having faith in the wrong things at the start of the story.)
Personality-wise, she's described as being stoic/ closed-off but is quite open around Ren, even playing around with him in Hawaii. She's also quite cheeky in the Metaverse, winking while performing a Follow-Up attack and having very relaxed poses when in combat, but admits to being nervous around and wanting to impress her senpais (this was also implied by her cosplayer emoting the exact same way at the end of both performances at the Persona Concert). She also has a massive appetite as shown to humourous effect in the Kasumi trailer and despite her gymnastic talent seems have slow reflexes if the batting cages event is any indicator. Her awkward posture with the bat suggests that not only is this her first time at the cages, she has no idea how baseball even works - which raises the question of what else she's been left ignorant of (either because she was too absorbed in her own activities like Makoto, or because she was never given the opportunity to try new things).
In terms of the story, she introduces herself to Ren on May 30th (though the May 9th Morgana Report suggests we'll encounter her at least once beforehand). We know from screenshots that she isn't in Futaba's Palace but IS in the Casino. She also complains about the public turning their back on the Thieves in the reveal trailer, which only happens after Okumura's Palace. I shared my thoughts in more detail here, but I believe Kasumi will get her Persona on September 6th (the day before the Hawaii trip) and make an alliance with the Thieves upon their return from Hawaii.
For a bit more speculative talk: Kasumi can mean "mist" while Yoshizawa is the surname of the inventor of origami folding, which could be a reference to the illusion/ wish-fulfilment theme suggested by the reveal trailer (she wouldn't be the first character to be named after a literary or historic figure). Meanwhile, Ren (Joker's canon name) means "rain," so having another wet weather-based name may be a further thematic link between the two. Also, she says she has fond memories of the aquarium in Kichijoji when you take her there as shown in the May 9th Morgana Report (and as mentioned above, Kichijoji is where her Rank 4 event ends), which implies she lives in or near the city.
Takuto Maruki
Takuto is a part-time counsellor who's hired by the school after the incident with Kamoshida, and is introduced to the students on Monday, May 9th (for context, Kamoshida confesses on May 2nd and exams start on May 11th). He will take some classes such as on the 16th, where he displaces a question you could answer for free Charm points with a lesson on the (most likely emotional) heart. He will have the Consultant Arcana, which is the El Gran Tarot Esoterico version of the Magician (which tells us he'll act as a guide/ close companion to Joker, as Morgana does). His Confidant can be advanced in the After School time slot and is stated to improve negotiation skills. He was designed to counterbalance the "teens good, adults bad" message of the core story though this hasn't stopped anyone from suspecting him to be the new big bad of the game. Of note is that Ryuji and Ann are explicitly called out as benefitting from interacting with him, though we don't know if this is purely because of their baggage with Kamoshida or if they'll continue to grow through him throughout the game.
What we've seen of him suggests he's quite clumsy - he bumps his head against his mic after his introduction - and casual immature. The latter is suggested by his unbuttoned jacket and upturned collar, along with him wearing sandals to school and a seeming fondness of apple juice cartons if his official render is any indication. However, the students are said to like him because he's a good listener and "gives tactful advice," so clearly his skill makes up for his outward appearances. The image on his Tarot card shows figures looking to an elderly sun for guidance, which helps drive home this aspect of himself.
Speculation: His card shows people seeking "him" for aid, but also shows the people above the sun falling or being upset. This could either be part of Persona 5's more cynical interpretation of the Tarot or a hint at some sort of superiority complex (i.e. anyone who considers themselves as above him are wrong/ doomed to fail).
Plot Additions/ Changes
The biggest draw is that there will be a third semester added to the game (i.e. January to April), which means Joker doesn't get arrested in this version of the story. We're also told that the Metaverse will be around "in some way," meaning it isn't destroyed for Christmas.
Stepping back a bit, we know there's a new event on May 30th where Makoto runs an event to clean up Inokashira Park that Ren, Ryuji, Ann, Mishima and Haru attend (this is also where Kasumi introduces herself). There's also a voiced scene at a pancake shop in Kichijoji with Ren, Kasumi and Akechi, which is where the dialogue in the teaser trailer comes from. Morgana Report 2 implied there would be more Akechi scenes too. As far as fluff is concerned, we know Kasumi will be in Hawaii too (however, she's in a tracksuit, which implies she's either dedicated to fitness or is just there for a gymnastics event instead of a school trip).
In terms of the main plot, not only will Kasumi be in the Casino, we know she and Joker will be alone for a segment of it, which implies the getaway sequence (and possibly the prologue) has been rewritten. Of course, for her to even be in the Casino means there's a scene inserted into the main story for her to get her Persona, which we see in her trailer. Said trailer also included a voiced scene of Ren treating her to a meal where she confesses to having "performance troubles," possibly setting up her own Palace/ story arc.
The reveal trailer also suggests there's now a stalker the group has to deal with, with the English dialogue heavily implying it to be Kasumi (i.e. Morgana asks "Isn't she acting suspicious?" while Kasumi is on-screen, though admittedly this could just be trailer misdirection). This trailer also showcases a different version of the "Akechi shoots Ren" cutscene, though since Ren snaps into/ out of a vision it could just be a warped recreation of the original event. However, not only does the trailer spoil his role as the traitor but Akechi looks much more malicious on the boxart too, which implies he/ the story will be much more open about his true intentions. (His character trailer will be very interesting!)
Coming back to the completely new material, we have the ominous threat from the trailer that Kasumi "crushed [a] dream" along with screenshots of a human Morgana and alive Wakaba, with the Ryuji trailer ending with members of the track team - who seem much friendlier with him than in the original game - telling him he's been scouted by a university. This all leads to a popular theory right now that some or all of the third semester is just an illusion that the cast has to break out of.
Onto more definite details however, among the new story content is a shrine visit on January 1st featuring all the Thieves including Kasumi but excluding Akechi. There will also be a new Palace for the end of the game, and eagle-eyes viewers of the reveal trailer spotted Black Mask!Akechi's sleeve in a shot set here, suggesting he'll be returning after his ambiguous demise in the Cruise Ship.
In addition, Joker has the line "Did you know? We can all change ourselves...if we just believe." at the 1:55 mark of the reveal trailer (it's easier to identify him in the Japanese version). He rarely talks more than one sentence at a time in anime cutscenes and the tender tone of his voice in both languages suggest he's trying to soothe someone - which implies a teammate(s) is on the receiving end. What's telling is that he's paraphrasing Morgana's line about cognition post-Yaldabaoth, but given the trailer has Ann and Makoto asking about changing people's cognitions, it's possible this aspect of the Metaverse will be introduced sooner than it was in the original story.
Finally, Atlus has stated that while Kasumi will be around from the beginning of the game, she won't impact the original story too much. That said, the English reveal trailer implies she'll at least have a cameo in the Kamoshida arc as he can be heard warning someone about Ren and Ryuji (and who else would he talk to than a pretty girl who's new to the school?)
School Life
The biggest change to the overworld half of the game is the addition of Kichijoji which Atlus has hyped up as being a huge new region to explore with lots to do. You first visit it on June 5th (the day Madarame confesses) with Ryuji as you look for Penguin Sniper, the place where you play darts and billiards (Ryuji is specifically looking for the former in this instance). This isn't an ordinary hangout spot, as you will be able to invite multiple teammates: we've seen Ren invite the full team sans Kasumi and Goro to play darts and also invite just Ann, Ryuji and Yusuke to play billiards (all in the reveal trailer). We don't know if the player invited everyone possible in both instances, if there's a hard limit to the number of invitees to each game, or if there's an option to invite specific members (for example, maybe Kasumi and Goro were left out of the first group to avoid spoilers), nor what the benefits of doing so are.
Kichijoji also has the aforementioned aquarium, which functions as a hangout spot for single Confidants, and an old temple - presumably where the shrine visit takes place. There's a new theme park with a Disney-styled castle too, though it's unclear if this location is new or just a new region of the existing Destinyland.
Speaking of this new locale, the twins can now be taken outside of the Velvet Room (like Elizabeth in P3 FES) and this is one of the places you can take them, Big Bang Burger being another. We don't know if this replaces their Confidant from the base game or if these are part of a separate series of requests (again, as with Elizabeth).
There seem to be some customisation options for Ren's appearance in the overworld this time around, as we've seen him with gold (such as in the scene with Kasumi and Goro) and brown (in the Ryuji trailer) versions of his school bag. For confirmed customisation options we have guns, which can now be modified to increase their individual stats (ammo count, damage, accuracy) OR gain elemental effects/ the ability to inflict technical damage at the cost of ammo capacity and damage. Morgana Report 2 also showed Makoto as able to inflict technical damage with her melee attack, though it's unknown whether you can now mod melee weapons or if it was Makoto's own Skill that let her do so, since she's the Nuke member of the team and Nuke is the only element that can inflict Technical Damage (save Wind getting a bonus against burning enemies). We also don't know if Iwai can mod weapons other than his own, so I'd greatly appreciate anyone fluent in Japanese looking at the footage we have and letting me know! To facilitate this added utility, ammo will now be replenished between fights. Have fun with your new tools, everyone!
The School Life half of the game has also had a QoL mechanic added in the form of the Play Assist system. Not only can you check what actions other players took as before, the game will now list available Confidants and places to boost your Social Stats, let you fast travel to them and can give you recommendations on what to do. The example given by the developers is the game noticing Charm is your lowest Social Stat and advising you to visit the bathhouse (complete with a fast travel prompt).
We have screenshots of Ren having lunch with Kasumi in the school cafeteria on at least two separate occasions. While these could be plot related (Kasumi's made lunch for Joker in the former and is confessing to being uncomfortable around her senpais in the latter), they could also indicate the return of the ability to have lunch with your Shujin-based Confidants, a feature cut from the original game. The dialogue for those were generic unlike the Kasumi examples though - and considering how small this subset is, quite unfair to the other Confidants - so take this with a huge grain of salt.
Thief Life
The Thieves now have grappling hooks (referred to as Wires) for use in traversal and the aforementioned long-range Ambushes, with this new tool deemed important enough to be used with the game's logo both times it appeared in the reveal trailer. The screenshots accompanying the reveal also confirmed the addition of new stronger enemies called Kyouma (devils) in Japanese that appear as early as the Castle. These take the form of Shadows from the current Palace covered in shadows and have the chance to immediately counter any attacks directed at them. However, defeating them causes them to explode and damage surrounding Shadows, which gives an incentive to defeating them first despite the risk. Doing this also unlocks one of the new trophies for P5R, "Let's get flashy".
Another new mechanic is the addition of Ishis, sets of three skull-shaped items hidden in each Palace. Collecting all three combines them into a new accessory; for example, the Castle trio forms the "Chromatic Crystal" which lets the user cast Dia. Incidentally, we know the general locations of two of the Ishis in the Castle: one in the underground prison area and one atop one of the castle towers. The name can mean both "stone" and "willpower," so I'm unsure how the English version will translate this (or if they'll even bother adapting the wordplay).
There are now more Shadows to fight in the Metaverse. Jatayu, a fusion-only Persona in the base game, appears as a new enemy in the Casino (so far we've seen it in the Joker and Kasumi only sections) while Byakhee (who last appeared in Persona 2) and Macabre (who has only been in the mainline SMT games until now and was first seen in Ryuji's trailer) appear in the new Palace(s). Byakhee also doubles as the Shadow Kasumi Awakens in front of, though her ability to land Critical Hits on it makes me wonder if it really is a mini-boss (if anyone can confirm whether or not you can do so and launch AoAs on them, I'd again be very grateful).
The Phantom Thieves have new ways to fight too. Futaba gets an All Out Attack, though we still don't know how to activate it, and the Thieves as a whole now have Unison Attacks as seen in P4G and PQ2. Thankfully, each party member has multiple options for Unison partners like the latter game (the three examples we know of so far being Haru/ Morgana, Ryuji/ Makoto and Ryuji/ Yusuke) and these are unlocked by interactions between the characters in the real world. The Ryuji/ Yusuke example we saw was voice-acted and took place without Ren's presence, so these could be unlocked automatically as the story progresses (though I suspect it's related to how much time each pair spends together at hangouts like Penguin Sniper).
Third Tier Personas are also back from P4G. So far we know of only Ryuji's, William, whose birth is visualised as a fusion between Captain Kidd and Seiten Taisei. The Ryuji trailer showed him alone at home when William was formed, which suggests these new Personas may be locked behind story beats as in Persona 3 (or, if they're unlocked by hanging out with your teammates after reaching Rank 10, after a short delay). That William is a modern reimagining of Ryuji's first Persona implies the other Tier 3s will also be updated versions of one of the owner's prior Personas, though presumably we'll have to wait for subsequent character trailers to confirm or deny this.
Baton Passing has been buffed as well. Not only do buffed characters get a flame aura around them depicting the strength of their boost (red for Level 1, yellow for Level 2), the characters also maintain the boosted status after taking an action. The example we saw had Joker passing to Ryuji who attacked right after, yet retained the red aura on his own turn and could still pass on the Level 2 boost to Morgana. This also confirmed that either Morgana unlocks Baton Pass during the Kamoshida arc OR that you can now Baton Pass to Thieves who don't have the Skill for themselves.
The Velvet Room has seen a change too: at certain points it can go into high alert, during which Persona Fusions require "greater effort". We don't know what this means (either Fusions now get additional EXP boosts or accidents are more likely) or how it occurs, but it may be related to sending Calling Cards, since Palaces also go on high alert when this happens.
Mementos has also been changed. There is now a bright yellow counter on the side of the screen as you traverse the tunnels. We don't know what this is (maybe it counts the number of items picked up?), but the counter is the same colour as the plinths that can be found in new rooms there. Furthermore, at some point streamers appear throughout Mementos. Makoto comments on this so we know this isn't the new default look of the place, but the cutscene we saw has her do this only after Haru and Kasumi - but not Goro - have joined the party (note that this could simply mean the player only visited new!Mementos after recruiting both). Finally, there are now white lines that appear in the corners of the screen when roaming the Metaverse that become kaleidoscopic patterns at certain points (such as in the aforementioned plinth room and this automated segment of Okumura's Palace). However, these patterns are absent from cutscenes and combat encounters.
Smaller tweaks include a new, more jagged text box for Shadows. However, Palace Rulers don't get this effect until after they transform into their boss forms as seen with Kamoshida. Also, a new song - Take Over from the Kasumi and Ryuji trailers - will play during Ambushes while Last Surprise will be used for regular combat encounters.
In terms of QoL changes, Atlus has confirmed that it's now easier to level up. Also, it was recently confirmed that Dream Needle has been changed from a Phys Skill to a Gun Skill, which opens the door for other changes down the line - possibly all of them converting Skills to the Gun "element" since there are only four of those in the original game.
While we didn't see it in action, Morgana Report 2 confirmed that an event/ cutscene viewer would be added to the game. We also know that there are over 20 new music tracks in Persona 5 Royal, covering both vocal (like the new theme Colors Flying High and the aforementioned Take Over) and instrumental pieces such as the track heard during Takuto's introduction and the end of the teaser trailer.
Atlus has said that the game has been revamped to a greater degree than other releases like P4G, but this means that you will be unable to transfer save data from the original game. However, having a save from the game will unlock a bonus that will "help you early on" (PS3 players can upload a save to the network and get the bonus that way). The changes also extend to the trophy list, which has been almost completely revamped as well. You will be able to access the DLC you already bought for the original P5, but will have to pay a 10 Yen handling fee per item (which equates to ~£0.07 and $0.09).
The game is being developed exclusively for the PS4 and is PS4 Pro enabled, but this also means visual improvements for owners of the original console. For example, character models are more detailed with more intricate body and facial animations - such as how Kasumi's eyes dart left and right while being accosted in Shibuya Square and how her head twitches after missing each ball in the batting cage at the start of her trailer. As seen at other points in that trailer, each character's face can now match the expression of their current sprite art as soon as it appears too.
There's more activity in the background of events too. For example, we can now see cars moving about in the background of cutscenes - such as when Kasumi is accosted - and backdrops of locations while using the train. The cars in the first example seem to be 2D images, but you'd only notice it if you were actively looking at them and it's still impressive stuff regardless!
THEORIES (including information from the June 28th update) are provided in this comment due to a lack of space in the main body of this post.
Thank you again, everyone! And again, let me know what I can add and improve!
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A hilarious sleep talking story done by my husband, we will call it: The Tale of the Midnight Detective and his nemesis Johnny Star. All true no additions

My husband talks in his sleep frequently but tonight he was extensive with his talking and story telling. He spared no detail but alas, my fingers were not fast enough to capture everything as I was in a constant fit of laughter. Here is the story;
West: grape juice wallet, North: baseball bat or sledgehammer, South: fishtank, but East=West. That's the formula for the Chrome suitcase. But why is it all connected, where does it all come from think. Hmm. Honey, have you ever been to see jazz? (No) hmm, the lights always on there but here's the thing: no one likes jazz. Johny star owns the jazz casino, we gotta break in and take the chrome suitcase because the lights are on but no one likes jazz so obviously he's the mastermind. We gotta solve this case. The chrome suitcase was on the red table, Lady Seigl, S E I G L, I think shes the driver. S E I G L, did you spell it right? But what's she driving? Honey i cant solve the case cause it doesn't makes any sense. Alright everybody, open our cameras, take a picture on the count of 3, 1 2 3 great, we captured the crime scene. What kind of potato did you have: (In a very serious tone he said) Let the record show, the potato looked like a potato
Ahh, The racetrack is where he took the suitcase. Oh man, i got it all wrong Lady Seigl isnt the driver, shes the jockey, its a horse race! Gotta find the suitcase. Hahaha i just wanted the fedora, now im ready to catch him. Racetrack, Seigl, Star hows it all connected? Aha, i think i have a clue, fish tank=amazon pirahna. The fish in the fishtank. So Star brings the suitcase, knows im following him so he dumps the suitcase in the fishtank but gives a fake to Seigl. He makes me think she has it but its in the fishtank, but that doesnt make sense, the fish will just eat it. Jelly, did we talk about jelly. Hmm jelly, jelly, jelly. I forgot the fishtank full of pirahnas! I've got all this jelly, whats in the fishtank. I almost missed it, theres a trumpet in the fishtank. Use the jam to distract the fish to get the trumpet as a clue. Honey, wait a second, how many famous trumpeters are there (theres louis armstrong) youre smart, thats who it belongs to. Read me the clues again. (I read the first line to him with the "formula") Got the fishtank, ahh, I understand now the other famous guy, babe ruth is for the baseball bat. Its at the casino I saw it! Star dumped the trumpet to cover his tracks, (not smart enough to evade you) uh uh, I have a fedora. Aha didnt think we'd actually trap you inside the casino did ya Star, you're pretty smart i figured it all out. Youre taking famous peoples stuff and copying it, the trumpet the bat, volleyball i.e. wilson theyre all here. The casino was a cover up and the jazz a diversion. Well, the trumpet is jazz related so not all diversion. Johnny Star remains at large, we figured out his crimes. Johny star, his nickname will be " the cookbook killer" (why call him that?) because theirs a betty crocker cookbook on the shelf. I just wanted it to sound cool. We'll catch him though. (Is that the only case you have right now detective) Dangit honey you had to say something, Katy from denmark needs our help. How to get to denmark, fly from new york. I figured it out, she hid the diamonds in her purse, she didnt need our help. She was trying to steal them and pretended to need help. The code is 5672 and now you got free money, well, in denmark, whatever danish moneys worth- you have some. Maybe they'll change the economy, so it might not be worth anything. But it was worth the effort.
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(June 6th) Kasumi Trailer Summary, Analysis and Speculation (spoilers for the main game)!

Edit X, 7th June 17:22 UTC: I made a ton of changes to this post that wouldn't fit, so check them out HERE once you're done! As always, let me know what else I need to add or fix!
Another trailer, another analysis!
I already uploaded an imgur album with preliminary translations and analyses that I'll be touching on, so check that out here!
I'll also be touching on some of the details/ theories mentioned in this master post. There's a lot to unpack there though, so I'll do my best to summarise the relevant stuff as best I can.
Finally, after posting my album u/LoliHunterXD posted a translation of the trailer, covering both spoken and text dialogue. They claim their Japanese isn't very good, but it's certainly better than mine and so I'll defer to their translations if they ever disagree with mine. Thank you, Hunter!
With the prerequisites out of the way, let's begin!
The trailer starts with a pretty intimidating line from Kasumi to pair with her intimidating walk:
Today, I'm saying goodbye to the me that is in-debt to anyone
Almost like she wants to make a clean sweep of anyone she's ever befriended (i.e. she sees friendships as debts). Thankfully, her last line casts this in a much more positive light, so we'll pick this up when we get there. The scene in question is in the Casino Palace (check the stickers on the walls and door behind the Shadow, who is also the guard-type from the Casino), where she walks past Joker to retrieve the rapier embedded in an enemy with a very stylish twirling kick. The bulk of the trailer starts once she grabs it, with the shot lingering on her hand as if to show her determination.
After the title card showing her name and VA, we get a much more pleasant scene of her and Joker at the batting cages (and we know it's just those two because we can see in Picture 3 in the album linked above that Morgana isn't in his bag - it looks quite hollow without it!) ...however, we can't say this is the batting cages anymore since this looks far more professional than the ones in Yongen-Jaya (the baseball fan outside it in the base game even comments on this if you talk to him). Are there two sets of cages now, with this being the more "advanced" one? We also know that P5R is getting a revamped trophy list: will the original "Get a home run" trophy now be replaced with a "Get a home run in [new location]'s batting cages" instead?
And where is this? As I said, the cages look far more professional than the old set and we already know we're getting a new location - Kichijoji - that's said to be a massive hub with many things to do, so I think it's safe to assume that's where this is taking place.
And what are the two of you doing here? There are multiple camera angles and the activity in question seems too involved to just be an ordinary hangout, so I believe this is a Confidant event: you've brought Kasumi here so she can try something she's always wanted to but never got the chance to try (like taking Makoto to the arcade and Haru to Leblanc) and the reason you're here and not Yongen-Jaya is because Kasumi lives in Kichijoji as implied in her dialogue in the aquarium hangout spot (tl;dr: because she "remembers" going there in the past) so likely asked you to take her to a spot she's always passed by but never had the time or courage to go on her own. (As for where Kasumi would live, I assume she's in one of the apartments of the complex you see in the background at the start of the P5R reveal trailer when Joker's on his phone.) I'll touch on this motivation later on so keep it in mind.
As for the scene in question, it's pretty clear that this is Kasumi's first try. She seems nervous at first if her referring to herself in the third person is any indicator (unless that's just how she does things in which case, d'aww) and despite her enthusiasm...doesn't even see the ball fly past her. Twice. Meanwhile Joker just sits there not emoting at all. Poor thing xD
From a technical standpoint, it's remarkable how well Kasumi's model is animated: her face changes from determined to shocked perfectly in sync with the scene and her sprites and she even looks back and forth quickly after missing the first ball and is just stunned silent after the next! ...however, the balls she misses disappear as soon as they hit the net, though there are already two balls on the ground when she starts, so the scene either ends here or she gets the third one - possibly after you give her some advice (of course, if you give her bad advice, she'll do it on her own and you won't get any affinity points. Meanie.)
This scene does two things. First, it reveals that Kasumi is utterly adorable. Second, it confirms that Kasumi will be in Hawaii (something I didn't realise until I took a closer look, myself).
How do we know this is Hawaii? The shop is called Aloha and most of the shoppers are Shujin students (which makes sense since they're tourists and would probably flood any nearby shops) and there's a palm tree on the right. Admittedly this could all just be a themed shop - complete with fake tree - in Kichijoji (which is what I initially thought myself), but the left side of the shop shows that they're also selling hawaiian shirts, sandals, sunglasses and hats, all of which would be very useful on the beach. The biggest giveaway however is the trio of caucasians on the left side - a man leaning on the sunglasses rack and the couple looking at flip flops. You don't see so many of those in one place anywhere else in P5!
So why is Kasumi here? If this were Kichijoji, I'd assume she was out for a jog and popped in for a drink, but Hawaii's quite the trek. Since she's an accomplished gymnast, it's possible that she's here for some sort of competition/ exhibition, hence the tracksuit (she could either be on her way to/ from a performance or exercising/ jogging). As for Joker's lack of reaction, it's possible he already knew she was here. Either they met on the day they arrived (or the second arrived, if they came to Hawaii at different times) or he knew before they even left. After all, Kasumi is clearly friends with him at this point so would absolutely let him know that she was going on a trip (or vice versa) and for them to realise they'd be there at the same time.
...but seriously, not reacting at all? I guess going to the Metaverse would make real world surprises less impactful. He can at least play along with her though: one of the options is "I'm surprised/ You surprised me", though since it isn't said with any punctuation I have to assume it's a very dry/ sarcastic response. (Also, Futaba will probably be very upset if she already knows Kasumi at this point since they're the same age, but it'd give her another reason to go back to school, so yay!)
Edit*7: Of course this serves the narrative too, since this way Futaba focuses entirely on parsing Sae's data and Morgana has nothing to do, which leads to his feelings of inadequacy by the time the team comes back from their trip. And to those of you who hoped Kasumi would be worked into the Hawaii trip, now she has! And since Joker and the others wouldn't care about any sports events happening near them, it makes sense that it wouldn't be brought up in the base game too! Also, if we're spending more time in Hawaii - or at least stopping by a store and maybe seeing Kasumi's performance/ competition - we have more opportunities to bump into Haru too!
Back in Japan, this scene is set in the cafe and also marks the first time we see Kasumi in truly "casual" clothing (since the other "casual" outfit she was in was a yellow button up shirt), which makes for a nice change. The polka dots make for a more childish appearance too, could this represent her feeling more free after spending time with Joker?
In any case, the scene starts with Kasumi thanking Joker for the meal. Considering she has three large plates, a small plate, a bowl and what appears to be a platter on her side of the table while he only has a cup...I feel sorry for his wallet! Joker even sweats about her eating so much and has the option to say the food was terrible, but doesn't (probably wise since Kasumi clearly liked it :P)
What's strange is that there's a cut in the conversation (the camera clearly cuts back to is default position) as Kasumi says her mind and body are fully recharged...only for her stomach to growl again. Cue the awkward silence, and just look at the wide open eyes on her face in Picture 13! :3
But that begs the question, is this just a running gag, or does she eat a lot because of all the activity she does? Could she also be comfort eating (though hopefully not with the vomiting sometimes associated with it)? While this could be a story event given the cut (which could have been to avoid revealing important character and/ or plot points), that you have the option to say something she'd disagree with (about the quality of the food) makes me wonder if this is a Confidant event instead.
This scene is very interesting for a number of reasons, as we'll get into. This part of the trailer starts with Kasumi's Awakening, but I want to discuss the enemy she's Awakening against first: as noted in this thread by u/zatifiend, the Shadow is Byakhee. What's interesting here (as explained incredibly well here by u/Questionable71) is that this is one of the henchmen for the main villain of Persona 2, Nyarlathotep, and an enemy-only Persona to boot. What's notable about this is that Nyarlathotep is the overarching villain of the entire Persona franchise (though he admittedly hasn't appeared since P2). I'm sceptical of the chances of him returning (though he'd be a logical next step after Yaldabaoth if the new Semester of the game intends to ramp up the stakes), but P5 already brought back Bless/ Curse non-instakill Skills and the Gun/ Psy/ Nuke elements from P1 and 2. Either Byakhee being here is a continuation of that "let's bring back old elements" mentality (for example, that he's fully yellow may just mean he's the Principal's Shadow or lackey, since he too wears all yellow and some people wanted him to have a Palace), or the returning elements were a sign that "we have plans for the old stuff".
Moving on, where is this taking place? It looks like the back vault at first glance, but there's way too many new elements for that theory to hold. The lighting during her Awakening looks like it comes from spotlights while the floor is marble, with floor lights outside of the darker regions. Do the lights indicate this is a performance hall of some kind, meaning this is indeed Kasumi's Palace and she's rebelling against the expectations put on her (which the lights could be symbolic of if they're not simply there for dramatic effect to signify this as her Awakening scene) as a gymnast? I initially thought her Ruler would be her parent(s) as with Hifumi, but if it's indeed the Principal taking him out would also bring closure to everyone he hurt by only caring about his reputation, e.g. letting Kamoshida and the mafia have their way because he didn't want to get his hands dirty (keeping the kids quiet is probably the only reason he hired Takuto, now that I think about it).
In any case, we already knew Kasumi was a Thief by the Casino at least (since we had a screenshot of her there) and even got a clip of her there in this trailer, so we know for a fact that this Palace has been inserted into the main events of the game. The biggest stretch of time in the base game for such an addition would be In Summer. Perhaps her Ruler kept compelling her to compete or perform even during the break and this pushed her over the edge? And if it is the Principal and the Palace is the school again, it'd be interesting to see the same place warped in two different ways!
Back to Kasumi herself. As shown in Pictures 16 and 17, while she's initially angry when getting the mask, she smiles when pulling it off and is perfectly poised when doing so to boot. Even Haru only posed after summoning Miledy! Why is this so easy for her? We already know from the teaser that she's strong willed, is she so strong willed that she can smile through the pain, or is she smiling because she knows she's in the right/ now has the power to make things right?
You may remember the theory in the master post that Kasumi already tried changing hearts in the past and failed, which is why she keeps her head down (and maybe why she moved away since - again - she says she remembers the aquarium in Kichijoji from a seemingly long time ago). If that theory is true, maybe she smiles since she's just RE-Awakening a power she locked away in the past and so there is no pain? She could also be getting a new Persona to replace the old and she doesn't feel the pain because she's already "Awakened" before and is either immune to the pain now or expects it. And hey, if her first Persona represents her true beliefs (that happily happen to match the Thieves') it could even return as her Ultimate Persona (unlike with Goro, who got Robin Hood separately while already having Loki)!
Anyway, she Awakens to her Persona, who turns out to be Cendrillon, the French name for Cinderella. There's quite a bit to discuss here, so I'll give her her own section later and dive into combat now. Kasumi's and Cendrillon's models are incredibly well detailed here though - the Pros of only having to develop for the PS4 - and we may even reach the point where the in-game cutscenes look better than the anime ones!
In the gameplay footage she uses the Physical skill Heat Wave, a skill in the base game that inflicts Heavy damage to all foes at a cost of 20% of the user's HP. She has 379 HP after using it which puts her max HP (in this clip at least) at 474 when rounded to the nearest whole number. That's a lot of HP, so were we right in assuming she's indeed a Physical damage dealer?
Back to the combat. Byakhee is immune to Bless, Curse and Psy attacks and resistant to everything else in P2.*2 If that's true here, then Kasumi's Critical Hit was the only way they could have knocked it down for an AoA. Again, ATLUS could have fixed her crit rate for this shot (and she has the Death Glare to justify the trickery) but all three shots of her in action have resulted in her getting a Critical Hit. Could she simply have Apt Pupil (and Fortified Moxy, though it wouldn't help in this boss battle) instead? Maybe even an upgraded version alongside it?
*2 Kasumi deals 306 damage with her Critical Hit and this is enough to deplete half of Byakhee's health. While this may again be part of some technical wizardry or plain overlevelling on Joker and Morgana's part to make the footage more interesting (and Kasumi more powerful) it could also mean Byakhee isn't as powerful as he was before. Of course, this seems to be a boss version, and those have tweaked resistances anyway (though I don't remember anyone ever losing immunities/ resistances).
Anyway, we see that her pose when using Skills is just as fanciful as her others and his grace extends to her AoA, which is preceded by an extended animation a la the Twins', which features her ribbon dancing before the Finishing Touch screen - a nice way to confirm that she does indeed ribbon dance as her cosplayer did at the Persona Concert! As an aside, her pose in the prelude to the AoA is very similar to Joker's in that they both hold their right hands to their heads with fingers splayed (and having matching hai eye colours). Their outfits are similar, as are their Personas (as I'll get to later) so them mirroring each other even in the little things makes sense too!
The quote in her Finishing Touch is "Beauty is Devotion". What does this mean, since she doesn't seem shallow enough to think beauty is everything? Is she referring to the grace of her movements? In my character analysis I pointed out evidence to suggest she enjoyed gymnastics despite the pressure people put on her as a result; does this quote also mean she takes pride in her form and the work she puts into maintaining it? It would explain why she poses so extravagantly in battle (and when ripping her own face off)!
Also, she holds the end of her ribbon in her mouth as you would a rose while actual roses and rose petals adorn the screen. Does this mean anything or is it just an aesthetic - and coincidental - choice? Maybe her code name is indeed Rose? Let's not forget she has a silver one at her hip too!
Before we touch on the closing line of the trailer and Cendrillon, let's think about how this situation comes to be. While the stats could be inflated and other characters could have been removed from the cutscene to prevent spoiling anything, I'm going to take them at face value for this and assume that Joker and Kasumi stumble into a Palace at some point (incidentally, the fact that Joker can't simply leave and fetch the Thieves means this is a fixed sequence as with everyone's Awakenings save Yusuke). Also, the high stats for everyone means this must happen in the late game?
However, ATLUS has confirmed they're making it easier to level up, so I don't think we can make assumptions and use character stats as more than a vague metric for the current point in the game, so this could just as easily be in the mid-game (and indeed In Summer as suggested earlier). It's possible that Kasumi calls Joker out to talk through her problems with him and happens to mention the keywords for whoever's causing her problems like Ryuji did, and they wander into the new Palace (and get trapped inside, so they can't simply turn around) by accident. Cue the "here we go again" meme from Joker.
Long story short, Joker and Morgana transform as soon as they enter and are outed as Thieves and Byakhee corners them when they try to escape. Obviously Kasumi has recognised signs of the person she hated while they traversed the Palace and Byakhee's taunting/ mocking pushes her over the edge and she decides to finally stand up for herself and any other victims, which Awakens her Persona. (By the way, Morgana seems shocked that she's Awakening. Is this just for dramatic tension, or did he and possibly Joker genuinely want to keep her safe, so seeing her "become a fighter" is upsetting to them?)
Going back to the Palace itself, Pictures 20 and 21 show a better view of the area where the Awakening and boss fight happen. There's a grand staircase as with a ballroom, but the floor is wooden with couches and a poster promoting good health on the right as you'd expect in any room you'd go to for exercising/ fitness classes - both things that would be relevant to Kasumi*3! Is it a mere coincidence that she Awakens in such a fitting area, or is this entire Palace all about her and thus its Ruler someone who has it out for - or tries to control - her specifically, like a parent? Considering most of the early game Palaces are about saving a specific victim with the Ruler's defeat simply helping others as a result (e.g. Kamoshida to avenge Shiho, Madarame to save Yusuke, etc.), having a Palace just to save Kasumi from being oppressed makes perfect sense and would fit in perfectly with the rest!
*3And combined with the ballroom staircase, maybe this room could symbolise some sort of (performance) hall for gymnastics events?
And finally, maybe the shot of Kasumi checking her phone at sunset in the April trailer is related to this? After all, Joker seems happy to see her and Morgana doesn't try to hide himself, which suggests they're both friends with her at this point. What if Kasumi is trying to see if their Change of Heart worked at that moment? They seem to be outside the school at the time, which would fit nicely with this theory if I was right the first time about the new Palace also being Shujin Academy :)
As the Finishing Touch ends, Kasumi ends her narration from the start of the trailer ("First of all, let me introduce myself") with:
I've received a lot of help. Someday, I'd like to return the favor with the help of my sword. I can promise you that, so please don't forget!
This sounds like something she'd say to Joker, possibly right after Awakening given the reference to her sword. What if Joker's helped her many times (we saw them talking on at least two occasions outside the train station in May's trailers) even before helping her survive her Palace, which is why she makes such an earnest vow? And what if this help includes her Confidant events, if they're all about taking her to try new things in new locations? You'd have to know about those locations beforehand via books or other characters, but what if instead of receiving a Mementos Request you end up in a mini-Palace instead?
For example, Kasumi's talking about whoever wronged her and Joker asks for their name so he can tell the others, but doesn't realise his MetaNav has turned on and it sends them to a Palace right away? The marble floor in Kasumi's Awakening scene matches the white aesthetic of the new Mementos rooms, so maybe this will be our chance to see what a fledgling Palace looks like (assuming Joker, Morgana and Kasumi are able to complete it themselves)? Of course for this theory to work, Kasumi would have either already sent them a Calling Card equivalent or asked that the three of them deal with the target on their own (as with Futaba and her uncle) so that the others don't get involved. In other words, her Confidant's Rank 8 event would be much more elaborate than any other, but in return you'd get a full-fledged teammate instead of just a new ability! Maybe the screenshot of the full team in Mementos' entrance is when she's introduced to them?
That last line a sweet sentiment, but it may tie back into the very first scene of the trailer where she says she's "saying goodbye to the me that is in-debt to anyone". We all know the Palace ends with Joker using himself as bait to unravel the conspiracy, but what if Kasumi disagrees with this and - when the group scatters to avoid escape - she goes after him? There's a screenshot of the two alone in the Casino Palace fighting a Jatayu to corroborate this theory. What if the scene at the start of the trailer is Joker running into a Shadow and Kasumi (who has yet to catch up to him) throws her rapier ahead of her*1 to kill it before it attacks him, telling Joker she's here to become a better person and pay off her debts as she retrieves it? This starts a small segment of the Palace where it's just the two of them and maybe Kasumi ends up captured alongside him as a consequence of her nobility? Or maybe even captured instead of him (though this would mean changing the prologue)? If my theory that she's an optional party member is correct, this would be similar to Marie in P4G: you have until a certain date to finish her Confidant and unlock an extended ending, otherwise you experience the original ending. Of course I could be entirely wrong about that part and Joker does simply help Kasumi out a lot in the base game, since they clearly have many scenes together - they have at least one scene together with Akechi that I haven't even mentiond yet, for example!
*1 On closer observation, Kasumi's shadow still has the sword at her hip as she walks, but the camera angle changes just as it pans up to her hip so we can't tell if this is the case on her actual body too or just an animation bug. I still think the entire opening clip is part of the same scene though, only trimmed down to fit the length of her line. If she indeed has her sword with her at the start, it just means the quick cut to her kicking it back into her hand skipped the scene where she actually stabbed it to prove she was committed to seeing Joker home safely. And the Shadow was too stunned by her entrance to move, which happens a lot in Persona 5. And understandably so!
Edit*8: For another opinion on this scene, look no further than this comment with a quote from u/Yeulia and their thoughts on what it could mean. Perhaps instead of being caught by the police in Joker's place, Kasumi could use the similarities in their Thief forms to act as bait if something goes wrong (and she's convinced to go along with the original plan)? And maybe this is the moment - especially the thought of Joker, someone she's no doubt very attached to and maybe even has a crush on at this point (or an actual relationship if you can get to her Rank 9 by this point and choose the romance option and no, that isn't a "well, duh" option for everyone, even if most of this trailer is adorable moment after adorable moment) letting himself be arrested and subjected to who knows what for the greater good - that convinces her to side with the Thieves for good? Maybe this is also the point where she decides to hijack the Metaverse for their sake, or whatever it is that incites the strange events in the final three months of the game? After all, those changes may even start while Joker's still in the interrogation room; it's fitting that she'd act then, since that's when Joker's at his most vulnerable! It'd be very interesting if the "you need to max her Confidant before the Casino Heist" theory is correct because it means we'll see major divergences from the main story right away (maybe acting that particular moment is also what influences Akechi to work with them again?) And as mentioned in Edit 6 below, this may be part of the reason we don't know her Arcana yet. What if it signifies that she does indeed have such game changing power?
As stated before, Cendrillon is the French version of Cinderella. Already there are similarities between her and Arsene as a result, just like their other selves! Both are French and dressed in high class attire - Arsene in a suit and cravat, Cendrillon in a dress and gem in her chest - and both are humanoids with very slender builds and realistic proportions. Lore-wise, the Cinderella story is actually incredibly old, with the earliest version of it - Rhodopis - originating sometime between 7 BC and 24 AD. This version tells of how a Greek courtesan's sandal was picked up by an eagle and dropped in the lap of the Pharoah in Memphis, who "stirred both by the beautiful shape of the sandal and by the strangeness of the occurrence, sent men in all directions into the country in quest of the woman who wore the sandal". She was found, brought to him and became his wife.
A very simple and bizarre story.
With a story that old, there are understandably many, many, many variations of it, too many too list! So I'll stick to Cendrillon herself from Cendrillon ou la petite pantoufle de verre, by Perrault. It was written in 1697 and introduced most of the elements we associate with the story today such as the Fairy Godmother and pumpkin carriage. The strange thing is that one of the morals of this version of the story was quite cynical:
without doubt it is a great advantage to have intelligence, courage, good breeding, and common sense. These, and similar talents come only from heaven, and it is good to have them. However, even these may fail to bring you success, without the blessing of a godfather or a godmother
Thankfully, Kasumi of course already has an answer to this in the form of her Persona (who happens to be Cinderella herself, funnily enough), who gives her the power to stand up for herself and fulfil her own version of justice.
As for the rest of the story, it's easy to draw parallels if we assume the theory about her being forced to compete for her family/ school is true. Society (the step-family) oppresses and forces her into a role she doesn't want, but in her darkest moment her Persona (Fairy Godmother) appears and gives her the chance to explore a whole new world and be herself/ do what she wants and thinks is right (the Metaverse/ royal ball). Going to this new world also gives her the chance to bond with someone who likes her for herself and through him can experience the things she never could on her own (Joker and her Confidant events like playing baseball/ the Prince and freedom). There's even a part in the initial reveal trailer where she dances in the middle of a crowd with all eyes on her, just as Cinderella had all eyes on her at the ball!
As for her Ultimate Persona? Well, it'd have to be a female mythological figure who escaped an oppressive life, while also being known for being a trickster. Any ideas?
Edit*3: The Morrígan/ Mór-Ríoghain is an Irish Goddess of war and fate - even called "the Phantom Queen!" - and may be a candidate for the first criteria since she's also known for her trickery (such as tricking the hero Cúchulainn into healing her injuries by disguising herself as an old woman). In fact, Morrigan is already a demon in the core SMT series, so we know ATLUS already knows about her (or were, at any rate). Another is the similarly named yet unrelated Morgan le Fay from Arthurian Legend. Morgan's character has been in a lot of flux throughout the ages, going from being a fairy to Arthur's sister to being good then evil and back again. However, she is both a trickster and - depending on the interpretation - was wronged by her family, though this also made her a traitor to Arthur. But this is also the version of the story where she returns to being on his side again and carrying him off to Avalon upon his near-death, which may mirror Kasumi betraying the group (with good intentions) and coming back to them - after all, they kept Akechi around! He may even be the one to point out that they'll take her back no matter what she's done - though hopefully won't mirror Arthur's death by killing off Joker.
The new song is a mystery for the most part, but the first and last lyrics are "You actually thought you could get away? Ah [...] don't think so!" and "I can change the world." Assuming this is Kasumi's theme song, it hints that she's very confident in her own abilities. This could just be the cockiness every Thief feels when they work, but could it also be an indicator that Kasumi is confident in her "real world" life too? Maybe even outside her skill in (and qualms with) gymnastics? And is this an innocent detail, or a sign that she already knows what being in the Metaverse is like (especially with "You actually thought you could get away?") or even that she has ulterior motives? Both lines are threats, after all! Even if she's saying she can "save the world" instead, it doesn't necessarily mean her definition of "saving something" is a healthy one! Remember how the original trailer started with her "taking everyone's dreams"? I admit it'd hard to see someone this goofy and sweet as a villain though. Konichi...wa!
Thank you all so much for reading! Please let me know what I missed or need to fix and I'll do my best to update this as soon as I can in my own time as well!
June 6th
Edit 1, 12:35 UTC: Added the OTHER section, added a correction to "CONNECTION TO THE OPENING SCENE" and added a mention of Kasumi's head twitch (d'aww) in "SCENE 2".
Edit 2, 12:46 UTC: Fixed the second lyric from "'Cos" to "Ah [...] don't think so!" and added a note about Byakhee in "SCENE 5".
Edit 3, 13:58 UTC: Extended the end of the correction in Edit 1, Added two candidates for Kasumi's Ultimate Persona and added an alternate interpretation for the place Kasumi Awakens to her Persona (...and making the assumption that Byakhee is a boss only Persona and won't appear as a regular enemy, huh) in "SCENE 5: HOW/ WHERE DID IT HAPPEN?"
Edit 4: In this comment. 14:03 UTC. (And Edit 5 in the same comment. 14:19 UTC.)
Edit 6: Added two notes to the "OTHERS" section above and some blasphemy to SCENE 5 ("and we may even reach the point where the in-game cutscenes look better than the anime ones")! 15:38 UTC.
Edit 7: Added a paragraph to "SCENE 4". 15:52 UTC.
Edit 8: Added theories based on u/Yeulia's (as quoted in the comments). 16:101 UTC.
Edit 9: Added an Akechi mention to a theory in "OTHER"'s Edit 6! 16:17 UTC.
June 8th
Edit 11: Added some screencaps of her lightning fast 360* flip at the start of the trailer to the end of the album and on top of being an amazing flash of awesomeness from someone who already oozes it as much as she does adorableness, here's why I think it matters! Also, MysticDistance shared a rough transcription of the lyrics in the trailer. While I got everything the ending completely wrong, I still think the song is a huge case of Kasumi (and maybe the Thieves as a whole) boasting about how she completely dominates the opposition, so I think the rest of my commentary on the lyrics still holds water! 00:01 UTC.
June 9th
Edit 12: Added a short list of interesting details I and others have noticed, along with some speculation. Maybe they'll be relevant! 11:32 UTC.
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Inglourious Basterds - Baseball Bat Scene - "I ...

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