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'It's been a long time coming': Lumbees closing in on full federal recognition

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Cherokee, Choctaw tribes tell Congress recognizing Lumbee tribe would be 'devastating'

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Biden backs Lumbee tribe’s push for federal recognition

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Recommended books about modern oppression of Native Americans through economic?

A few days ago I came across a piece of news about Indian casinos were dying because of COVID-19. Reading more into this topic and holy shit, these casinos seem like poisonous apples given by the government to Indians. They even make the Natives conflict among themselves (eg. the Lumbee tribe that hasn't been federally recognized). So I wish to read more about this topic, and about the economic reality of Native Americans in general. I heard that the US government has some downright evil restrictions on them.
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D2 UNC Pembroke Braves unveils alternate jerseys for homecoming and American Indian Heritage Day in coordination with and celebration of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina

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Bill Would Give Federal Recognition To Lumbee Tribe

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Lumbee Tribe may have new chance to win full federal recognition and benefits

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What makes someone Native American? One tribe’s long struggle for full recognition.

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Police: Man grabbed 13-year-old girl standing in front of Lumberton home

1st Post, hopefully am doing this right - I live about an hour from here and have family in the area...sounds like a rare / dreaded stranger abduction (stolen vehicle / bandana over face), unless family hasn't let LE know of other details they're aware of (ie custodial dispute / drug debt / etc). Should be noted that this is generally speaking a very poverty ridden part of the state, and outside of the downtown area quite rural / sparsely populated. This area has made headlines for several pretty bizarre cases in the past few years....
One of the recent / unusual stories to come from this area was 3 missing girls found dead which was rumored to be the work of a serial killer....those 3 victims were found within about 3 blocks of each other, which when I mapped it are less than a half mile from where the 13 year old was just abducted. Iirc all 3 victims were in their late 20's / early 30's though, and of Lumbee descent, iirc but could be wrong on that (whereas abducted girl is 13 year old and hispanic).
Maybe a strange coincidence, and would be a major change in 'pattern' but as we all know some killers do deviate from their established routine for various reasons. I hope it's not related and that she is back home safely and quickly. If this should be posted in true crime or somewhere else lmk and I'll try to figure out how to move it.

Below is text from article (link above and in OP - again 1st post so hopefully doing this right). Hope she gets home safely and soon, and that it's something totally unrelated to other case(s)...
LUMBERTON — A 13-year-old girl was kidnapped this morning and Lumberton police, armed with the license plate of the vehicle she was forced into and the victim’s photograph, are appealing to the public for help in finding her.
Police Capt. Terry Parker said in a statement that Hania Noleia Aguilar, who lives at lot 102 in the Rosewoods Mobile Home Part at 3381 Elizabethown Road, was forced into a green 2002 Ford Expedition at about 7 a.m that the abductor then drove away in the stolen vehicle. It is registered to Velasquez Hernandez of Summerville, S.C, and has a license plate of NWS 984.
The kidnapping occurred between lots 38 and 39 at the mobile home park. The vehicle was last seen leaving the park.
Parker said no description of the kidnapper was available, but he did have a yellow bandana over his face.
Anyone with information is asked to immediately call Sgt. Pete Locklear at the Lumberton Police Department at 910-671-3845.

Other Recent Crime Stories From Area
In regards to other crime headlines in the area, about a year ago 3 bodies were found and was talk of it being a serial killer, never heard any follow up news / conclusion so will have to do some searching afaik they never caught the killer. As stated above there's no indication that the recent abduction is related, but pertinent background info, especially considering the proximity of the bodies to the abduction...for anyone interested here is a link summarizing that case etc there was a decent amount in the news about it...
In Spring 2017, three women were found dead in a matter of weeks in Lumberton. Their deaths captured the public's attention, drawing federal scrutiny and international press coverage and fueling rumors that a serial killer was on the loose. Much of the discussion of the killings has been speculation about links between deaths and disappearances in the area. Here's what we actually know.
Three women were found dead. On April 18, 2017, Christina "Kristin" Bennett, 32, was found dead at 505 Peachtree St. in Lumberton. The same day, Rhonda Jones, 36, was found at 702 East Fifth St. The two sites are only yards apart. Peachtree Street is a narrow dirt track that runs along some railroad tracks. At the time, the bodies were described as decomposed. On June 3, 2017, Megan Ann Oxendine, 28, was found decomposed behind a vacant home at 608 E. Eighth Street. That's about three blocks up the railroad tracks from where the first two bodies were found.

Another unrelated, bizarre / interesting story was regarding illegal casinos in a (nearby) more rural area, along with their own private security / police force / etc. It's rural enough that this whole operation was able to go on clearly for some time, prior to being busted, just to help explain how rural / unpopulated / un-policed most of the area is, again outside from the downtown areas (the latter being where both the abduction took place and 3 bodies were found). Link to article about casinos etc below, followed by short clip of article:
A news release from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations says the arrests followed a "year-long multi-agency investigation that found the group operating three illegal casinos, an unlicensed police force, and a marijuana grow house."
The group was also "found to be manufacturing narcotics and making threats of war," the release said.
According to the release, the casinos had illegal gambling machines in "blacked-out buildings with no clocks." The casinos operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week and had "heavily-armed security who were not only unlicensed, but using blue lights in their trucks."

Lumbee heritage -Oxendine, Lowery, and several other surnames in the area are typically indicative of Lumbee heritage. They've always wanted recognition as a tribe but have never been given that status, and instead treated shittily +/- which has been an ongoing point of contention / issue for decades, and as stated above the area is extremely impoverished (no jobs / way out / etc) and they're sort of treated like 2nd rate citizens by the system. So I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't initially high priority bc of their race / heritage, if the national news hadn't given it attention it may have never even been heard of outside the immediate area, imo>
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Rh- Negative Blood and Antediluvian Civilizations - ROBERT ... 2010 lumbee spring powwow - YouTube Lumbee Powwow 2016 - Men's Northern Traditional Wicozani @ Lumbee 2019 Sunday Contest Why the Sioux Are Refusing $1.3 Billion - YouTube Gold Eagle Casino Powwow 2019 ENJOY the MOMENT!!!... Jr ... How the Government Turns American Indians into ... - YouTube Lumbee Grand Entry 2013 Southern Eagle Victory Song Lumbee Pow Wow 2016

Its job growth is flat, and some say the area could benefit from a casino. But the Lumbee homeland is also soiled with high crime and drug use. "I know it's revenue. It'll increase revenue, but ... North Carolina s Lumbee Indian tribe approved a consultant s contract that could risk all of the tribe s assets if the Lumbee eventually win the right to operate a casino but members decide they don t want gambling. The Lumbee Tribal Council endorsed a contract with Lewin International, although Tribal Speaker Ricky Burnett said he never saw nor has a copy of the contract that bears his ... It’s not guaranteed that the Lumbee would be able to open a casino if recognized. It’s about 300 miles from the Qualla Boundary in Western North Carolina to Pembroke where the Lumbee are based. The Eastern Band is currently involved in a legal battle against a new casino being built much closer in the Charlotte suburbs by the South Carolina-based Catawba tribe. The chairman of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina says it appears that the tribe will not secure federal recognition this year. Harvey Godwin Jr. posted a statement on Facebook on Sunday that ... Lumbee recognition could also lead to construction of a casino in Robeson County that would compete against the Cherokees’ casino in mountains of western North Carolina. Learn more: Trump and ... The Cherokee nation are furious about the U.S. House has approved a bill to recognize the Lumbee tribe, and perhaps allow them to have a casino. The Lumbee Problem: The Making of an Indian People. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ... around.The Cheraw origin is a new theory but has no scientific backing.The cheraw went extinct in the early 1700,s.The Lumbee in 2010 joined with a Casino firm Lewin Int.LLC to work on getting gaming and a Casino. Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic ... Following brief discussions of the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and the current bills for full federal recognition of the Lumbee, the report provides more extensive analysis of the impacts of casino gambling. If a casino were built on I-95 in Robeson County, it would be accessible to about 39,000 automobiles per day and would be the only casino on I-95 between New Jersey and Florida. The report ... Further, Godwin said, the Lumbee would not open a casino unless the Lumbee people approve it in a referendum. Senior reporter Paul Woolverton can be reached at [email protected] and 910-261 ... The Eastern Band of the Cherokees and other Native American groups are lobbying the U.S. Senate to block legislation that would give full federal recognition to the Lumbee tribe.

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Rh- Negative Blood and Antediluvian Civilizations - ROBERT ...

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